Legacy Planner – from the Creator of the Franklin Day Planner

Most of us are acquainted with Franklin Day Planners – especially if we happen to live in Utah. To be seen without your Day Planner around here means you just aren’t organized. Folks live by these things. Now I see that the creator of the Franklin Day Planner has come out with a new product call a Legacy Planner. It’s immediately evident that this is an obvious spin-off from the day planner. But his planner combines family history with your finances and yes, even your upcoming death. I say upcoming because it’s not common for any of us to miss out on that important genealogical event. Following is a news release about Hyrum Smith’s new project.

Research from both academia and genealogical organizations has shown an upsurge in connecting with family history, particularly in times of uncertainty. The factors motivating this upsurge vary, from a desire to understand traditions and roots to the increased access to records provided by the internet and a realization that a legacy is more than just financial assets. The unifying element is our personal stories and memoirs.

“Discovering who we are and preserving those memories allows people to rediscover those touchstones in their lives and reconnect with what is important, their lifelong legacy,” according to Hyrum Smith, creator of the Franklin Day Planners and founder of the Franklin Quest Company and co-founder of LegacyQuest. “As we looked at the growing interest in family history, we realized there was a real need for a comprehensive personal legacy planning system that provides the guidance and support people are looking for in creating and documenting their personal legacies.”

The launch of Legacy Planner fills that need, enabling people to discover, preserve and grow their legacies. Using an innovative, collaborative approach, Legacy Planner guides users in telling their life’s story in their own way. Available in a bound scrapbook version, digital version or online, via the company’s website, the guided process incorporates sections on personal history, life story, family tree and genealogy, memories, important letters and photograph’s, insight, guidance and inspiration.

“Legacy Planner allow families and individuals to incorporate into one space the total of their relationships in personal stories, shape their legacies and move forward to reconnect with their life’s legacy with greater insight and clarity to share with those important in their lives.” Added Smith. “Our ultimate goal is to help people to give life to those legacies.”

About LegacyQuest
LegacyQuest, LLC, located in St. George, UT, is focused on the development of innovative, collaborative legacy planning systems. Created by the founder of The Franklin Day Planner and Franklin Quest along with the founder of the World Financial Group, the company has developed Legacy Planner which is available online, digital version and a bound scrapbook version to discover, preserve and share personal legacies.
For more information visit, http://www.mylegacyquest.com

From the April 15, 2011 edition of prweb.com.

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