Polk County, Missouri Family History Book in Compilation

The following excerpt is from an article in the April 7, 2011 edition of the Bolivar Herald-Free Press.

Polk County Genealogical Society published the first Polk County Family Histories book in 2004 and is preparing to publish a second family history book in 2012.
The book will be a compilation of family histories written by people who live in Polk County.

“It’s for people like me who didn’t get a story in the first book and really wish I had,” said PCGS secretary Leta Gass.
It also is an opportunity for families that were included in the first book to include updated information.

Story sections
The book will include three main sections. Additional words over the word count limit listed for each section are 10 cents each. One photo is included free with each story. Additional photos are $10 each.

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One thought on “Polk County, Missouri Family History Book in Compilation

  1. I am trying to FIND/BUY the FIRST book …. My mother & I entered our family line. She purchased the book, but I want one for myself. Anxious to hear from you!

    Our family line names are WILLIAMS – CARTER – COMPTON – HAYS – DWYER – OLIVER – LOWER …. JUST TO NAME A FEW.
    I have taken these names back….. way back! We come off 4 of King Edward I of England’s children …. and some 635 years later, my grandparents married, their children complete the circle back to Edward I.
    Thank you for your time & consideration,
    Donna (Hagewood) Lujan
    Indep. MO

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