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The following databases were added this last week at The Original Record:
The Original Record

Rutland Forest Pleas

Pleas of the Venison in the county of Rutland heard at Oakham on the morrow of Midsummer Day in the 53rd year of the reign of king Henry III, 25 June 1269, recorded in Public Record Office Forest Proceedings, Treasury of Receipt, No. 140, were selected, transcribed (the Latin extended) and translated by G. J. Turner and published by the Selden Society in 1901. The text and translation are printed on facing pages.

Convicted Criminals

When Joseph Redington, Assistant Keeper of the Public Records, calendared the Home Office papers from the accession of king George III, 25 October 1760, to the end of 1765, he gathered together references to criminals from the State Papers Domestic, Warrant Books, and Criminal Papers, and these were printed in tabular form. The information is set out in four sections: –
1. Letters to Judges: giving name of the judge; name of the convict; crime; sentence; where tried or confined; date; page.
2. Petitions in Favour: stating from whom; name of convict; crime; sentence; where tried or confined; object of petition (such as pardon or commutation); date.
3. Reports or Certificates of the Judges, chiefly addressed to the king, on the Cases of Criminals: with name of judge; name of criminal; crime; sentence; where tried or confined; condition of pardon.
4. Warrants and Letters relating to Criminals convicted, being Pardons, Respites &c.: with nature of document; name of convict; crime; sentence; where tried or confined; date; page.
In addition, there is a LIst of Capital Convicts in Newgate Respited in 1764.
The names of the criminals were not included in the printed index to the calendars, but we have now indexed them year by year.

Vagrants in Berkshire

The return of persons committed under the Vagrant Laws to the Prisons and Houses of Correction in Berkshire includes lists of vagrants committed to the Gaol and House of Correction of the Borough of Newbury, and to the Gaol of the Borough of New Windsor. Full names are given, with a brief description of the acts of vagrancy, such as wandering abroad, begging, prostitution, abandoning family, idle and disorderly, &c.

Teachers in County Tyrone Deserving of Encouragement

The Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland awarded gratuities to ‘Teachers, appearing, from the Inspectors’ Reports of their Schools, to be deserving of encouragement’. 93 such teachers were identified in county Tyrone in 1826, and are listed in the society’s report for the following year, with their full name and the name of their school.

Chester Junction Railway Shareholders

The return of the railway subscription contracts deposited in the Private Bill Office lists the shareholders in the Chester Junction Railway, subscribers to shares amounting to Ł216,850 towards the Ł371,000 estimated expense of the project. The list gives full name of each subscriber, residence, addition (occupation), number of shares, sums subscribed, and witness’s name.


The Home Office issued monthly lists of aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalization or Readmission to British Nationality had been granted by the Secretary of State under the provisions of 33 Vic. cap. 14 and been registered in the Home Office pursuant to the act during each previous month. These notices, from January to December 1906, refer to naturalizations from December 1905 to November 1906. The lists give full name, surname first; country of origin; date of taking the oath of allegiance; and place of residence. An asterisk indicates that the person was currently serving in a British ship.

Imperial Service Medal

The Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood at St James’s Palace announced these awards by king George VI of the Imperial Service Medal to members of the Home Civil Service. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname (in capitals) and christian names, with office or rank in the service.

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