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The following new databases were added at The Original Record this last week.

1278-1279 – Elton, Hemingford and Little Stukeley (Huntingdonshire) Court Rolls
Among the Huntingdonshire possessions of Ramsey abbey was the manors of Elton, Hemingford and Little Stukeley. In the Augmentation Office Court Rolls in the Public Record Office, a roll of five rotulets (Portf. 34, No. 46) includes a record of the proceedings at Hemingford manor court 17 November 1278; Elton 23 November 1278; and Little Stukeley 5 January 1279. These were transcribed by F. W. Maitland, extending the Latin but retaining the spelling of the proper names, and printed with a facing English translation in 1889. In many cases the surnames were also Englished, but we have reindexed the text on the original forms alone.

1552 – Ludlow Rental
The Fraternity or Guild of Palmers, founded in Ludlow, Shropshire, possessed extensive property in Ludlow itself and nearby. This survey, taken in the 6th year of king Edward VI, surviving in the records of the Court of Augmentations, lists the tenants of property in Ludlow and its liberties; those of the burgages in Ludlow; of ‘divers tenements or burgages, greatly in ruins’ with a nominal value of £2 11s 8d per annum, but ‘totally in decay’, worth 3s 4d for the soil; the sock rents; and various tenements in Ludlow and elsewhere in Shropshire; in Herefordshire; and in Worcestershire.

1804 – Sailors at the Battle of Copenhagen
The subscription raised for the benefit of the sailors wounded, and the families or relatives of those killed, in the gallant action of 2 April 1804 off Copenhagen, was still, in August 1806, unclaimed by many of the sailors and families involved. This appeal was therefore published, listing the ‘Killed, whose Relatives have not been found out’ and the wounded, ship by ship, with full name, rank, and in a few instances further details such as residence or birthplace that might help in tracing the individuals.

1826 – Teachers in County Down Deserving of Encouragement
The Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland awarded gratuities to ‘Teachers, appearing, from the Inspectors’ Reports of their Schools, to be deserving of encouragement’. 114 such teachers were identified in county Down in 1826, and are listed in the society’s report for the following year, with their full name and the name of their school.

1833 – Patentees of New Inventions
Lists of patents granted from 22 March to 22 September 1833: giving full name of the patentee, address and occupation; a brief description of the innovation, period of protection, and date of grant.

1837 – Great North of England Railway Shareholders
The return of the railway subscription contracts deposited in the Private Bill Office lists the shareholders in the Great North of England Railway, subscribers towards the £450,995 estimated expense of the project. The list gives witness’s name, full name of each subscriber, residence, profession, and sum subscribed.

1844 – The Phonographic Corresponding Society
The Phonotypic Journal, published weekly, contains lists of new members of the Phonographic Corresponding Society, alterations (such as changes of address), and lists of contributions to the Fund for purchasing a Phonotypic Fount. The lists of new members give full name (surname first) and address.

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