Lisa Kudrow Helping Stars Find Their Ancestry on “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Lisa Kudrow may be an Emmy-winning funny lady, but she’s serious about helping stars trace their Lisa Kudrowancestry.

The actress who became iconic as lovably ditsy Phoebe Buffay on the long-running sitcom “Friends” decided to bring a British show to the U.S. as executive producer of “Who Do You Think You Are?” which takes celebrities on emotional paths to rediscover their roots. The NBC series’ second season starts Friday, Feb. 4.

“It exceeded my expectations for how it would be received,” Kudrow says of the show’s initial run. “A lot of people would like to do it, but it’s a matter of making sure they really understand what it is. We try to make it as easy as possible, but it’s a commitment of about 10 days, which is a long time for any (television episode) shoot.”

The celebrity is kept pretty much in the dark until most of the information is gathered and filming is ready to begin. “All they know is that they haven’t heard from us,” says Kudrow… “We don’t want to say which country we’re waiting to hear from. And when we’re shooting, things are still happening in the field. They’re still getting information.”

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One thought on “Lisa Kudrow Helping Stars Find Their Ancestry on “Who Do You Think You Are?”

  1. Lisa, would you ever consider doing your show with ordinary people? My parents are both Polish and were in the camps during the war. I was born in Germany in 1952 while my parents were living in a deterrent camp. I went to Germany a year and a half ago to see where I was born. I’m planing a trip to Poland hopefully this August to see if I can find someone from my fathers family.

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