Thieves Make Off With Priceless War Memorial Plaques

I’m afraid this is the kind of story that makes my blood boil. Memorial plaques with names of deceased veterans were stolen, probably with the object of selling them for scrap. The plaques held many names, and at this point it looks like it isn’t known what all those names were. I’m hoping that someone photographed the plaques at some point and can come forward with them, or better yet, that the thieves are caught and the plaques returned. Following is a teaser from the January 7, 2011 edition of the Mail Online.

Denuded War Memorial

Police are investigating the theft of eight bronze plaques from a foreign war memorial in Maryland that stood proudly for decades as a tribute to the bravery of its troops.

Thieves have not only stolen the memorial plaques but the only official list of all the veterans who died that belonged to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6919 in Morningside [Maryland].

‘It’s hearbreaking to have this happen to us’, Post Commander and Vietnam veteran James Holland said. ‘I’m angry because it happened. Not knowing if we’re going to get them back. So the anger just builds up. More and more and more.’

Five plaques weighing 120 pounds each were taken. They listed the names of the deceased veterans who belonged to the Post dating back to World War I.

Three other plaques had the faces and the names of soldiers from the Post etched on to them.
Remaining now are just empty concrete slabs which had previously held the plaques.

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