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Eastern European Historical Repositories – on sale for 10 to 15% off thru June 16, 2015

I recently obtained copies of the new Eastern European Historical Repositories by Dr. Charles Dickson. I’m always looking for new resources, especially as deals with Europe – and this book fills a void. America has often been described as a melting pot nation. While such an adjective contains some truth it does not capture the […]

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Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors – On Sale for 10 to 15% Off Thru May 11, 2015

Moorshead Magazines recently brought us Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors. At 82 pages, this journal offers 15 articles written by a collection of professional researchers and genealogists. Publisher and editor, Edward Zapletal, does an excellent job in describing the difficulties of Eastern Europeans research: “For many of us ion the genealogy world who are researching […]

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In Search of Your European Roots: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe — 50% OFF

What genealogical records are available? Where are the records located? How can each records repository be accessed and used? Searching for specific records for your ancestors is work enough. There is no need to first spending significant time finding record repositories to begin with; especially, when there are guides available to point the researcher in […]

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European Research Book Bundle on Sale for 29% off Thru Midnight Sunday, Feb. 16!

Last fall Family Roots Publishing ran a highly-successful promotion on the new The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe – Your Essential Guide to Trace Your Genealogy in Europe – 2nd Edition. Based upon that experience, I’ve concluded that a promo of this book, bundled with the also popular Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors would be […]

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The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe

Take some of the most experienced and well know authors and editors on family history matters, have them each provide a professional guidance and tips on tracing European ancestry, add to this a collection of online and print resources, contact information for more than 100 archives and libraries, historical events, maps and timelines, and the […]

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Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors

Over the past few years, the folks who publish Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and the History Magazine have created a series of journals offering a collection of previously published article, gathered together on a single topic. Here are some of the publications we have already seen: Tracing Your War of 1812 Ancestors Life During the […]

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Terrific Brand New Book! The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe – on Sale for 29% Off!

I just obtained a personal copy of the new book, The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe – Your Essential Guide to Trace Your Genealogy in Europe. It’s written and edited by a number of knowledgeable folks, most of whom I know well enough to call friends. The principal editor is Allison Dolan – Editor of […]

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Genetic Origins of European Jews

The following excerpt is from an interestig article dealing with the origins of European Jews. Despite being one of the most genetically analysed groups, the origin of European Jews has remained obscure. However, a new study published online today (Thursday) in the journal Genome Biology and Evolution by Dr Eran Elhaik, a geneticist at the […]

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Lisa Alzo’s “13 Ways to Find East European Ancestors in 2013”

My friend, Lisa Alzo, posted “13 Ways to Find Your East European Ancestors in 2013” in the Decmber 30, 2012 edition of The Examinar. The article is slanted toward those living in New York State, but the ideas and principles apply anywhere. Check it out. By the way, Lisa will be in Salt Lake City […]

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Tracing Your European Roots

Hot off the presses, Tracing Your European Roots is W. Daniel Quillen’s fifth volume in his Essentials of Genealogy series. The Essentials series covers immigration and naturalization records, census and military records, family records, and more. European Roots serves as a basic research guide, breaking out individual countries and the available resources. The first four […]

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Effort to Preserve WWI Artefacts

A unique effort is taking place in Europe to preserve WWI artefacts as part of a WWI roadshow to cross 10 countries. Here is an excerpt from an article in The Visitor: Appeal to help preserve World War One artefacts LANCASTRIANS are being asked to help create an archive of World War One memorabilia. They […]

Leave a Comment Website Up and Coming With Digital Items is about ideas and inspiration – in a digital format. It currently links to 2 million digital items, and the site isn’t even officially launched yet. This website is a prototype. Europeana Version 1.0 is being developed and will launch in 2010 with links to over 6 million digital objects. The following types of […]

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