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Back in the Great State of Washington

After an absence of about 23 years, Patty and I are again living in Orting, Washington. We lived about 5 miles outside of Orting, in Pierce County, up until 1991. We then moved to the tiny community of Elbe (just outside Mt. Rainier National Park) for several years. After spending 6 years on the road, […]

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We Are Selling our Home in Bountiful, Utah

I apologize for being away from blogging, newsletter, and such for the last two months, But we had things that had to be done that could not wait. On the 10th of August, Patty and I went back to Utah, spent another week clearing all the remaining “stuff” out of our house and basement business […]

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Family Roots Publishing & Meitzler Family Move Update

Last spring we (the Meitzlers) made the decision to move home to Orting, Washington. As of July, we had been gone for 20 years, as it was in July of 1994 that we left Washington State and went on the road in our 36 ft. Safari motorcoach. We didn’t come off the road until 2000, […]

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Thanksgiving and Family Drift

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I find myself looking back at the Thanksgivings of my past. Born in Washington State and surrounded by most of my extended family, we always got together with the full family at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But with the deaths of all of my grandparents and the growing up of my cousins […]

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Looking Back – On Our 45th Wedding Anniversary – Sept. 1, 2013

Goodness… How time does fly. This Sunday, September 1, 2013, will be the 45th Anniversary of the wedding of Patty Sue Daffern and Leland K. Meitzler. Yes. That’s us. And it’s really hard to believe that 45 years have gone by. We were married at 2 pm, September 1, 1968 in the Puyallup, Washington Seventh-day […]

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Take An Additional 20% Off All Products at the Family Roots Publishing Co. Website This Weekend

On Sunday, September 1, Patty and are celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary along with our sons and their families. It just happens to also be Labor Day Weekend. In honor of this milestone anniversary, Patty and I are doing something we’ve never done before at the Family Roots Publishing Co. website. We’re offering a 45th […]

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Father & Daughter (my mom) Reunited After 43 Years

Fifty-six years ago last month, a daughter was reunited with her father who she hadn’t seen for 43 years – not since she was less than 5 years old. That daughter was my mother, nee Virginia Cornett Feller. I was reminded of the reunion while searching for Meitzlers at last evening. The event is […]

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Ice, Ice Everywhere…

It’s been an interesting day… As with a much of the USA, the Bountiful, Utah area has seen it’s share of lousy weather in the last several weeks. First, it snowed for about 3 days, accumulating near 20 inches at our house, then the temperatures dropped to zero (f) and have stayed in the single […]

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Winter Time is a’Coming… and it’s Time for Research, Grandchildren & the Salt Lake Christmas Tour

We picked the last of the tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage on Tuesday, Wednesday the temperatures began to drop dramatically, and we woke up to snow this morning (Thursday, Oct 25, 2012). I doubt the snow will last long and temperatures this time of year fluctuate a lot in Utah. Patty and I went out this […]

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National Grandparent’s Day This Sunday

Although not as popular as Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, National Grandparent’s Day has been gaining in popularity ever since President Jimmy Carter in 1978 declared the First Sunday after Labor Day to be an annual celebration of grandparents. Read more about National Grandparent’s Day at Now that Patty and I are grandparents, this […]

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Lots of Robertson Cousins Found in an 1896 Obituary this Morning & GenealogyBank Annual Subs for only $48.95!

Over the years I’ve continued to collect what little information I could find on my third-great-grandfather, Gold Canfield. He died in 1814 in the War of 1812, having frozen his arm while on guard duty in Harlem Heights, New York. His wife, Nancy Hayes, applied for a pension for her minor children following his death, […]

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Using the MyHeritage Family Trees Now Found on the World Vital Records Site

I’ve had a membership to since the beginning of that website. I went to work for Everton’s in 2006, and they had a relationship with World Vital Records, allowing WVR to scan books and magazines in the Everton collection to be posted on the World Vital Records site. In all the time I worked […]

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MyHeritage’s New “SuperSearch”

A few days ago, I got a call from Mark Olsen, who works for, and its subsidiary, Mark told me that they had a new SuperSearch™ that would search across the MyHeritage sites, and affiliated data. MyHeritage SuperSearch™ is a powerful search engine, searching for historical records across over more than 4 billion […]

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Grandpa Leland Having a Good Day

I don’t post many pictures of myself on the blog. But today Diane Miller, with Flip-Pal, came by the booth at the NGS Conference and took a shot of my grandson, Nicholas Meitzler, while I was holding him. This was Nicholas’s first National Genealogical Society Conference. However, it was the sixth genealogy conference he has […]

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My First Forage Into the 1940 Census

Well, the 1940 census opened today. I wasn’t ever able to get anywhere on the site, so this evening I tried seeing what I could find on They had a dozen states or so up tonight, so I decided locate my great-uncle, Grover Cornett, and his family in the Wilson’s Creek area of […]

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