Headstone from 1800’s Returning to Warrick County (Indiana)

From the November 1, 2013, Tristatehomepage.com


A grave marker found in the basement of the old Posey County Jail will soon be back in the Warrick County Cemetery where it belongs.

The Posey County Historical Society says a Warrick County monument company has offered to refurbish and replace the headstone for free.

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Grave of Revolutionary War Vet Found in Ringwood New Jersey, Solving Family Puzzle

From the October 29, 2013, Northjersey.com – News


Seven years ago, Russell Dutcher III embarked on a quest to find a family ancestor, a veteran of the American Revolution whose life story was nearly lost to the ages

He pored over centuries-old census records and tax lists and scoured ancestry websites and cemeteries, driven by a will that David Dutcher not be forgotten.

This past summer, after more digging, Dutcher pieced together his relative’s footprint in New Jersey and located his nearly 200-year-old unmarked grave in the Ringwood Manor cemetery, part of Ringwood State Park. And now, he hopes to rededicate the site to give David Dutcher — his great-great-great-great-grandfather — the honor he deserves.

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Connecticut Family History in Florida Warehouse

A large book found in an Oakland Park, Florida warehouse turned out to contain genealogy. The family is still to be found. Following is a teaser from an interesting article in the February 9, 2009 edition of the Miami Herald.

At the back of the 1,159-page book are three pages of carefully scribed names, written in a caligraphy-like cursive with purple ink. The records document vital events — births, marriages and deaths — between 1880 and 1915. The heads of the family noted are Erza B. Osborne, born in 1822, and Elizabeth Hitchcock, born in 1829.

Garvey believes that the book, a guide to the Bible with genealogies of biblical figures, maps and a pronunciation guide, was given to Essie Beers Osborne as a wedding gift in 1877.

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