Billy the Kid Photo Expected to Sell for Over Six Million Dollars

The following teaser is from an article published October 14, 2015 by the Telegraph and posted to the National Post website:


NEW YORK – Billy the Kid, the Wild West gunslinger, is usually associated with a Colt single-action .44 calibre, not the genteel English elegance of a varnished oak croquet mallet.

However an extremely rare photograph of the legendary outlaw leaning on a croquet mallet has emerged – only the second known photo of The Kid, whose real name is Henry McCarty, thought to exist.

The photo shows McCarty playing croquet with his gang of Lincoln County Regulators in late summer 1878.

It was bought by collector Randy Guijarro for US$2 from a California junk shop in 2010 and will now be sold by Kagin’s auctioneers for an estimated US$6.5 million.

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Is This a Genuine Picture of Bob Ford and Jesse James?

The following teaser is from an article posted October 22, 2015 at the CNN website.


CNN – A Houston forensic artist says she’s sure an old tintype owned by a Washington state family is that of Jesse James and his eventual killer, Robert Ford.

“This photo was taken when the two men trusted each other and the younger Robert Ford wanted a picture of himself with the man who had become a legend in his own time,” Lois Gibson said on her Facebook page.

The undated photo shows both men seated on chairs next to each other, with Ford on James’ right.

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