White Woman, 72, thought She Was Black for Most of Her Life


The crazy Rachel Dolezal story had many of us puzzling over why anyone would go to so much risk and effort to make themselves appear to be something they were not. Now comes the story of Verda Byrd, who was told as a child that she was black, and went throughout her life believing a lie. Following is an excerpt from an article posted at jezebel.com.

Verda Byrd is a 72-year-old white woman who thought she was black for most of her life.

…Byrd says she had no clue about her white ancestry growing up.

A foster kid since age 2, Byrd was raised in Missouri by her black foster parents, Ray and Edwina Wagoner, who were only able to adopt her because officials at the time thought her mom was white.

In 2013, after uncovering her adoption papers many years after her parents’ deaths, Byrd found out she was white and also learned that she had three biological sisters, who are also white.

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