An Online History of Haiti

The following excerpt is from an article posted August 8, 2016 at the website.


Just a day after he graduated from the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs with a Ph.D. in history, Adam Silvia MA ‘09 started a new job with the United States Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Five years spent archiving centuries of Haitian history may have helped with his application.

Silvia, who wrote his dissertation on Haiti, created a digital archive, Haiti: An Island Luminous, that combines rare books, manuscripts and photographs from libraries and archives in Haiti with commentary by more than 100 scholars from 75 universities around the world.

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I spent quite a bit of time at the Haiti: An Island Luminous website, and found it to be fascinating.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the Heads-Up.

Lee Everton is Working with HERO Client Rescue S.A., Located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


My friend, Lee Everton, is working with HERO Client Rescue S.A., located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This group is the first EMS (First Responders) group ever in Haiti. HERO was founded by Veterans who have served in Haiti and saw the need for this important service. HERO enables Veterans, Paramedics, EMT’s, Firemen and Police volunteer opportunities in Haiti and is raising funds to provide additional tools for these volunteers while serving. Lee has created a gofundme campaign to help raise funds to purchase these tools.


Please take a minute to read more about the accomplishments of HERO and the tools they need on the gofundme page. Also, if you can share this with your friends and coworkers, it would be a great benefit to HERO. The direct link to the campaign for HERO is: I personally dropped $20 on the project to get it started. Small donations can all add up!

By the way, I spoke with Lee again a few hours ago, and he’s so excited about what HERO is doing that he’s leaving Utah for a while and will be personally working with these folks in Haiti.