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AncestryDNA Upgrades the Methods Used for Cousin Matches

The following teaser was posted on the blog on August 1. Very interesting… I’ve always felt that DNA matches were often VERY overmatched… Now I know why. Overmatching is evident throughout all populations, but is most pronounced for those with Jewish and hispanic ancestry it seems. AncestryDNA customers with significant Jewish ancestry have witnessed […]

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AncestryDNA Advances Exploration of African American Ethnic Origins by Coupling Genetic Science With Historical Records

The following news release was written by staff and distributed via Marketwired News Releases: PROVO, UT — (Marketwired) — 02/26/14 – Thanks to cutting-edge genetic science from AncestryDNA, African Americans are now able to make new discoveries about their ethnic origins, learning about the people and cultures that have been a part of their […]

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AncestryDNA’s Autosomal DNA Test – Don’t by Scared Off From It.

Writing at The Genetic Genealogist, Blayne Bettinger, tells us why we shouldn’t let anyone talk us out of using AncestryDNA’s autosomal DNA test… The following teaser is from Bettinger’s blog: Many genetic genealogists, myself included, have had incredible success using AncestryDNA’s autosomal DNA test. Personally, several of my own major DNA discoveries have occurred though […]

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