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Billy the Kid Photo Expected to Sell for Over Six Million Dollars

The following teaser is from an article published October 14, 2015 by the Telegraph and posted to the National Post website: NEW YORK – Billy the Kid, the Wild West gunslinger, is usually associated with a Colt single-action .44 calibre, not the genteel English elegance of a varnished oak croquet mallet. However an extremely rare […]

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American Place Names Of Long Ago — 50% OFF

  A Family Roots Publishing Holiday Special: 50% OFF American Place Names Of Long Ago   Read the Review: George Cram’s Unrivaled Atlas of the World contains an index of over 100,000 place names of “every county, city, town, village, and post-office in the United States and shows the population of the same according to […]

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Switzerland Place Name Indexes (In English & auf Deutsch)

Finding cities, towns, and other places by name is not always as simple a task as one might expect. For genealogists researching their ancestral origins, a lack of familiarity with local human geography of foreign countries along with language barriers and name changes, can make the research process all the more difficult. Having a complete […]

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