Evernote for Mac for Genealogists

Evernote-for-Mac-300pwLast year Lisa Louise Cooke brought us Evernote for Windows for Genealogists. Here is a portion of the review I wrote for this guide:

Evernote has quickly become a very popular tech tool among genealogists. Likewise, laminated guides have also become popular among family historians looking for solid reference materials to assist in a variety of research tasks. Given both statements, it was only time before someone created an Evernote guide for genealogical application. And, who better to write Evernote for Windows for Genealogists, than Lisa Louise Cooke, author of tech favorites like the The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox.

Cooks followed this guide with a version for Mac users, Evernote for Mac for Genealogists. Like the Windows version, this guide covers more ground than most guides, as outlined below, page by page:

Page 1 covers the basics of working with notes, including a complete list of note taking quick keys and a “Getting Started Checklist”

Page 2 examines the task of clipping, with basics, quick keys, and an informative chart on which tasks work best with the desktop client vs. web clipper

Page 3 digs into the desktop client, including another extensive list of desktop quick keys

Page 4 breaks down two topics. First is genealogical organization, with tagging, notebooks, and stacks. There is also a chart covering the free vs. premium benefits.

So why Evernote at all? Cook explains:

“Evernote is a free tech tool that enables you to instantly capture and retrieve everything that is important to your research, Cloud storage of your notes allows you to access them anywhere, from any computing device. And Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes images in notes keyword”

Weather you have already discovered the value of Evernote in your research, or you have been waiting for a little push that direction, Lisa has you covered with Evernote for Windows for Genealogists and Evernote for Mac for GenealogistsAvailable from Family Roots Publishing, Price: $8.77 each.

Saving Google+ Posts to Evernote


Genealogists are using Evernote more everyday. The program is known three things (and more…)

Create a New Note – you can save your ideas, to-do lists, research, meeting notes, and more.

Snap a Photo – It allows you to capture images that you want to remember — from family pictures to documents.

Sync Notes & Find Them Anywhere – Better yet, the program allows us to search for anything, even text within images, on any computer, phone or tablet that we might be using.

Now I see that Jason Frasca has posted a great blog on how to save Google+ (another program genealogists use a lot) posts to Evernote. Check it out.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the heads-up.