Brightsolid to Take Over PERSI Publication

Michael Clegg, associate director at the Allen County Public Library, points out a few genealogical periodicals.
This may be common news, but I certainly hadn’t heard it before. Brightsolid – the British company behind is taking over the publication of PERSI. In fact, according to Michael Clegg and Jeff Krull, Brightsolid plans to go ahead and jump through the hoops allowing this invaluable periodical index to link to the actual image of the article itself – somthing that has been talked about for years, but never happened.

I found the following in an article about PERSI, published in the July 14, 2013 edition of

“…Eventually, the deal with Ancestry ended, and the library contracted with Heritage Quest. Now that relationship has ended and ACPL is working with Brightsolid, an online publishing firm in the United Kingdom. Not only does the contract keep the index going, but Brightsolid hopes to do something no American firm has been able to do: Link the index to the full text of the article.

Because of copyright laws, providing the article would require getting permission from every publisher, difficult at best. But Clegg said Brightsolid has been able to do it in the United Kingdom and believes it can use its model to do so here. The best part, Krull said, is that Brightsolid does all the work.”

Read the full article from where I pulled the above quote. It gives a history of PERSI – one of the most valuable of all genealogical resources.