A Genealogists’ Insta-Guide: Online Resources for Finding Living Relatives

William Dollarhide and Family Root Publishing have created a new series of guides, or quick reference sheets, for genealogists. The series is titled Genealogists’ Insta-Guides. The first three publications in this series were just released this month. The first two guides I reviewed on this blog are:

The latest guide turns from early American roadways to a new topic, Online Resources for Finding Living Relatives. Genealogists may spend most of their time seeking the dead, but gain the greatest value from their relationships with the living. Genealogists often seek people out to get help in research or to (re-)establish ties with family members, close or distant relations. Whatever the reason, it can be as difficult for some to find living people as finding dead ancestors.

Dollarhide’s guide to finding living relatives provides a list of Internet-based resources genealogists can use to find their living relations. The first part of the guide provides necessary background information. Websites are then broken into categories like Free Directory Look-up Sites and US Public Records Databases. Each site address is listed along with a brief explanation.

Like other quick sheets, and “at a glance” guides, the new Genealogists’ Insta-Guide series features four-page, laminated, colored guides which fit nicely into three-ringed binders and portfolios. By this design, these guides are easy to take along for sharing or going to the library for research; not to mention, they are easy to store. The Insta-Guide comes pre-punched for three-ringed insertion.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the new Insta-Guides is you can order each as either a printed piece or in electronic format. Electronic formats come as a  downloadable .pdf file for your computer: providing access on both PC and Macs as well as tablets and smart phones — as long as your device supports .pdf [Acrobat] files. The pdf Insta-Guides come with clickable links for all the websites. This one has 29 links to sites found worldwide.


Table of Contents


Help from the SSA

Online Directories

Fee-Based People-Finder Sites

First Places to Look

Free Directory Look-up Sites

U.S. Public Records Databases (Fee-based Searches)

People & Address Finding Tools

International Directories – Portal Sites

UK Directory Look-ups


Order A Genealogists’ Insta-Guide: Online Resources for Finding Living Relatives from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $7.95.

Or,click here to order the electronic (.pdf) version of A Genealogists’ Insta-Guide: Online Resources for Finding Living Relatives; Price: $3.99.