A NEW FREE Online Genealogy Magazine

The premier issue of ‘Going In-Depth’ was introduced to subscribers on February 15, 2013. The online genealogy magazine contains over 70 pages of columns, articles, and free resources. New issues are planned for the 15th of each month. Subscriptions are FREE, so follow my example and subscribe now! The publication is edited by a team of folks at The In-Depth Genealogist – Jennifer Alford, Jen Baldwin, Stephanie Pitcher Fishman, and Terri O’Connell.

As a long-term genealogy magazine editor, I know how much work goes into publishing genealogy magazines. This one is online, so that takes away some of the difficulties, but I’m sure there are others because it IS an online magazine.

The current issue is 72 pages, and I found it to be an interesting read. A number of my friends contributed articles.

Following is the Table of Contents for the Premier Issue:

7 – Tracing Blue and Gray; Take a Civil War Rod Trip, by Cindy Freed
11 – My Twisted Roots; Welcome to My Twisted Roots by Andrea Johnson Beck
14 – Remember the Ladies; Three Websites for Researching Female Ancestors, by Gena Philibert-Ortega
20 – The Heritage Tourist; Freedoms Frontier: National Heritage Area, by Dr. Bill Smith
24 – Timeless Territories; Deeds: How to Get a Copy, by Michelle Goodrum
27 – Gen Ed; Genealogy Conferences Want Your!, by Shelly Bishop
30 – The Society Pages; Beginning the Process, by Shannon Combs Bennett
33 – Letting Go of My Ancestors, by Thomas McEntee
37 – Jewish Genealogy; Starting as a Pisher in Slovakia, by Jennifer Alford
40 – Preserving the Past; Shopping for those Bookshelf Basics, by Pat Biallas
44 – Ask Ephraim
50 – Deep into DNA; Get Your DNA to the Top of the Charts, by Mike Maglio
58 – The Emerald Isle; Great Insights from Petty Sources: The Petty Sessions Court Records, by Jim Ryan
61 – Dear Readers
63 – Family Atlas; Welcome to Texas, by Jen Baldwin
67 – Across the Pond; Introducing – Across the Pond, by Julie Goucher
71 – MIAA; Missing in Action Ancestors

Click on the illustration to read the current issue, and to subscribe.