War-Memorial.co.uk Launches Online

The following press release is from Mark at War-Memorial.co.uk.

War-Memorial.co.uk, the brand new website dedicated to Photographing, Transcribing and preserving war memorial records for the future, has just launched online providing a unique service that allows the researcher to find their ancestor using the largest collection of combined War Memorial records and images currently available anywhere.

This project is based on Mark Herber’s growing collection of war memorial photographs and personally checked transcriptions. It honours those men and women, who died or served our country in military conflict over the years and it already features over 20,000 detailed photographs of more than 1,200 memorials, commemorating over 270,000 people, with their names (and the memorial’s information about them) transcribed and indexed.

With regular additions of photographs, names and information to War-Memorial.co.uk expected as the months go by, War-Memorial.co.uk is the place to find your ancestors immortalised on the country’s war memorials.

Details that can be found in these memorial records include:
● Name
● Regiment, unit or ship
● War or date of death
● Rank and medals
● Photograph of the War Memorial from multiple angles and zooms

War-Memorial.co.uk’s collection includes a very large number of records from the Boer War of 1899-1902 and WW1 and WW2, but it also includes memorials from as early as the 17th century up to very recent conflicts such as Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. Soldiers, sailors, aircrew and civilians are all featured – and not just those who died. Many men and women who served but survived also appear in the records.

Using the sophisticated search technology and just basic details you can locate full information on War Memorials on which men and women are commemorated, find more details about them (such as their regiments, ships, ranks and medals), discover the location of the War Memorial and see images of the memorial itself and a close up view of the name of your ancestor!

War-Memorial.co.uk is offering some great value options to suit every pocket starting at £5 for a month’s access, £9.95 quarterly, or take out a great value annual subscription at only £29.95.

With regular additions of photographs, names and information to War-Memorial.co.uk expected as the months go by. War-Memorial.co.uk is the place to find your ancestors imortalised on the country’s war memorials.

For further information contact: war.memorials@yahoo.com

Example of finding your ancestor in the records


Here we find the unusual records of a Thomas Ambrose, who was killed in 1916 by a bomb from a German airship flying over Sudbury. The transcribed record details how he died and where he is commemorated, as shown below:

Each transcript brings up details of the memorial with overview images of the entire memorial so you can find your ancestor using just their name, locate their memorial and add the images and information to your family history records, or even plan your visit!

Forces War Records Now Stores Over 4 Million British Armed Forces Military Records

The following news release is from the PRWEB UK:

Forces War Records holds the most extensive database of British Armed Forces who either died in battle or are still alive today. New records are added on a daily basis – in the last month 29,194 records were added.

(PRWEB UK) 19 June 2012 – Forces War Records is the definitive location for military genealogy records online. The database includes records from WW2, WW1, the Boer War, the Crimean War and beyond. It is the only online database which now includes over 4 million military records of British Armed Forces personnel exclusively cross matched with over 4000 Regiments, Bases and Ships of the British Armed Forces going back to before 1350.

Of interest to the discerning family historian, these records are presented in an easy searchable format, and provide a great resource for family ancestry searches. The online database contains military service records; lists of those who served in regiments and units; information about battles and medals awarded, and allows members to search by unit, name, photo and even electoral roll.

Forces War Records was founded in November 2001 by ex army veteran Dominic Hayhoe, with the aim of simplifying military genealogy searches. The site also includes free access to a lively community of living veterans; Military Genealogy Tutorials and a team of Researchers for detailed research tasks.

“We are the only site to collate military genealogy records in any easy to use database, meaning you find your ancestors’ history in minutes”, said Mr Hayhoe.
Partnering sites include Forces Reunited where individuals can reunite with those they served with; an Army Surplus and Camping Equipment shop; a Careers site and a British Armed Forces Dating site.

Search military records by name and unit, and find out more about military genealogy on the Forces War Records website.