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Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors

Over the past few years, the folks who publish Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and the History Magazine have created a series of journals offering a collection of previously published article, gathered together on a single topic. Here are some of the publications we have already seen: Tracing Your War of 1812 Ancestors Life During the […]

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The History of the Polish Panorama

There is a great new book that has made its way to the genealogy market, The History of the Polish Panorama. However, to understand what this book is, first requires a basic understanding of what the Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools is, along with a background to the Panaorama. Let the Polish Mission […]

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Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Research

Sto Lat? I have to admit, most of my ancestry comes from western Europe. For other reasons, I have studied German and Spanish. However, I have little experience in Eastern European languages. So, when I read the title Sto Lat, I was clueless as to the meaning. Thank goodness for Google Translate. I found the […]

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Genealogy at a Glance: Polish Genealogy Research

1795 “Austrian Empire, Russian Empire, and Prussia (Germans), leaving no “Poland” for 123 Years” 1854-1856 “The Great Cholera Epidemic, poor crop yields and starvation; Crimean War (Russian); 100 Silesian families from Pluznica area arrived in Galveston, then walked to the junction of the San Antonio River and Cibolo Creek, founding the first permanent Polish settlement […]

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Reading Non-English Records

Tracing one’s history in their own native language offers plenty of challenges. Changes in writing styles and in handwriting, problems with damage and discoloration, both added to transcription and indexing errors can make record finding and reading difficult at times. However, at some point most researchers find themselves with an even greater challenge: finding and […]

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