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The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide: How To Trace Your Germanic Ancestry In Europe

As a publisher, I really appreciate reviewing books first capture my eye with clean and clear page design (typesetting). When simple clean fonts are chosen with structured and organized page elements meeting basic design guidelines. When photos, charts, samples, and images stand out on a page as independent elements, but don’t overwhelm the page making […]

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101 Things You Didn’t Know about Irish History — 15% Off through Midnight Thursday, April 24

A month and a half before we put on our sombreros, sing about a drunk cockroach, and eat too many tacos in the cultural celebration acknowledging our southern neighbors on Cinco de Mayo, we will first don a little green and hope for a little luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Most you […]

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Deciphering Handwriting in German Documents: Analyzing German, Latin, and French in Historical Manuscripts, NEW Second Edition

Germans have long been a scattered people. Millions of Americans identify their ancestral roots as German. For many, however, their ancestors spoke German but never lived in what constitutes modern Germany. Some “Germans” never even lived is what could be called a German states or territories. From the middle ages on, German-speaking communities have thrived […]

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Deciphering Gothic Records

Deciphering Gothic Records is a great little flip book designed to help those with German ancestry read and understand older German documents and handwriting. The books contents include information and words common to traditional vital records; including; birth, christenings, marriages, deaths, and burials. Fay S. Dearden created Deciphering Gothic Records: Useful Hints for Helping You […]

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Witter’s German-English Primer

Language barriers are always present when researching one’s ancestors prior to their arrival in America. Both language barriers and unique handwriting forming these barriers can be difficult to surmount. One great tool available to help researchers with their German is an actual early German school book. Every now and then a book will find new […]

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Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration: A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration: A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores is a scholarly book, full of details and amassed facts in an effort to explain the mass migrations from the war torn Rhine Valley in the early 1700s.  The Palatines were driven from their homes, into the British Empire, by circumstance […]

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The Germans in Colonial Times

Germans are the second largest ethnic group in the United States. Only those of English descent are more numerous. Even so, both groups represent generations of families living in America. These days, around a million people each year legally immigrate to the U.S. Countless more people immigrate illegally into the country hoping for a better […]

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The First Wave: German Immigration to American

Since Columbus introduced (or re-introduced if you prefer) the Americas to Europe, people have come, wave after wave, seeking a new life in the rich new world. America, since its colonial days, has experienced an almost never ending flow of immigrants. There are at least four identifiable time periods in which “waves” of people came […]

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Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City — 10% Off for a short time only

From the late 1600s on, millions of Irish Immigrants have landed on the shores of North America. One million alone came during the Irish Famine, from 1846 to 1851. A significant majority of these immigrants landed, and many stayed, in New York. This has been covered many times and in many publications. Now, however, someone […]

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The Irish Scots and the “Scotch-Irish” — 10% Off for a few days only

The Irish and the Scots have a nearly inseparable history, if examined on the basis of origin. Scottish Highlanders originally came from Ireland and the two peoples have long been connected by blood, language, and religion. Both, have also, played a significant role in the founding and growth of America, dating back to the earliest […]

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Alsace-Lorraine: Atlantic Bridge to Germany

Many years have passed since North America has seen any of its national boundaries change. Most of the World has proven less stable of recent decades. Even Europe has seen its share of change. World history is wroth with the ebb and flow of political and military boundaries. During the middle ages and on up […]

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Germanic Genealogy A Guide To Worldwide Sources And Migration Patterns, 3rd Edition

Researchers have long wondered the best way to group “Germans” as a people. The fact is, those identifying themselves, or their ancestors, as German actually come from so many different racial, cultural, geographical, and political backgrounds, there is little more than an language they share in common. Yet, language is more than enough reason for […]

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An Atlas of German Migration and America

Family Roots Publishing carries a great collections of Atlases. One particularly interesting series are those produced by Carrie Eldridge. These unique map books show the migration and population spread of early colonists and their descendant from the colonial days through the California Gold Rush years. Each focuses on trail groups and assoiciated settlements. In one […]

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Map Guide to German Parish Registers – Vol. 44 – West Prussia I (RB Danzig)

With last October’s addition of Map Guide to German Parish Registers – Vol. 44 – West Prussia I (RB Danzig), Family Roots Publishing’s incredibly popular Map Guide to German Parish Registers series now stands at 44 Volumes. Each is a wealth of information about localities and history within a given region. These maps serve as […]

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Before Germanna, #11 The Ancestry Of Christler, Baumgartner, Deer, Dieter, And Lotspeich Families

In continuing my reviews of Before Germanna, I offer you the details from Before Germanna, #11 The Ancestry Of Christler, Baumgartner, Deer, Dieter, And Lotspeich Families. As previously noted, there were two Germanna colonies. Coverage of the first has been relatively thorough, and by comparison far more expansive. According to the authors of the Before […]

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