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Grin-ealogy — Sixty Years of Adventures and Misadventure

If you are going to spend 60 years of your life actively involved in genealogical research, then you better have a good sense of humor. Indeed, anyone with 60 years experience ought to have plenty of their own funny tales from their personal experience. So it is with, George I Sackheim who has compiled his […]

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Give the Gift of Laughter to Your Favorite Genealogist

Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year –Hanukkah, Christmas, or other– the gift of humor is always appreciated. So for those looking to give a little lift to a favorite genealogist in their life, then let me recommend two great books from Laverne Galeener-Moore. In Collecting Dead Relatives, Laverne has shared a fantastic collection […]

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Further Undertakings of a Dead Relative Collector

Laverne Galeener-Moore’s stories will touch the funny bone of any family historian. Collected over years of real genealogy research, Laverne’s stories carry the humor that only truth and circumstance can offer. Further Undertakings of a Dead Relative Collector is the author’s second book, Collecting Dead Relatives the first, of stories meant to keep you laughing. Like […]

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The Humorous Side of Genealogy

Sometimes research takes a turn for the worse. Finding evidence of our ancestors makes finding the proverbial needle in a haystack sound easy. At these time, we most need to maintain a sense of humor. To help, we can turn to books like Collecting Dead Relatives. Laverne Galeener-Moore has shared a fantastic collection of funny […]

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