The SCGS Jamboree is off and running!

Yes – we’re in Burbank, California, attending the annual SCGS Jamboree, which Steve and I did for the first time in 1986 – so this is the 25th anniversary of our first attendance and exhibiting here. Since then, the Jamboree has also been held in the Pasadena Convention Center, and a memorable hotel that will remain unnamed (for one year). A number of years ago, the Jamboree moved to the Marriott in Burbank, and has been here ever since.

There’s more space than ever for lectures. The expansion tent has grown to run the full length of the east end of the convention center, adding a lot more space.

The exhibit hall opens at noon, with lectures starting not long thereafter today, so I’d better get to work. Dale, Tara, Dollarhide, and I are manning the Family Roots Publishing Booth, while keeping an eye on the Genealogical Publishing Co. booth for them – restocking catalogs and such. I’ve got one lecture today, speaking an Veteran’s Censuses and Lists…