Mobile Genealogy: How to Use Your Tablet and Smartphone for Family History Research – 20% Off Thru February 28


We are expecting a new stock of Mobile Genealogy this next Tuesday or Wednesday – and are extending our offer to our readers for just $15.96. That’s now 20% off, and matches the lowest price we’ve offered on the popular volume. The sale now runs through February 28, 2017. Click on the links to order. The following review was written earlier, and modified with the new sale prices and dates.

Finally – we have a great new guide for those of us who use mobile devices! This book takes the place of Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse, written by Lisa Louise Cooke in 2012. The iPad volume was becoming dated, and mobile devices of all kinds have sprung up since the publication of that book. Not only are folks using iPads & iPhones for genealogy, but many of us are using devices that run Android operating systems. I never felt the need for an iPad, but I’ve been using the iPhone and Android smart phones for years. I’m currently using a Samsung Android smart phone that I’m very pleased with. I use it for all kinds of genealogy applications.

Mobile Genealogy‘s coverage of Android as well as Apple, makes this book twice as valuable a guide as Lisa’s previous book. Think iOS as well as Android. And Lisa’s use of step-by-step instructions (for us computer tech dummies!), as well as a myriad of high-quality illustrations make the book an educational delight. I can honestly say that this volume is changing the way I use my devices, allowing me to find more ancestors, and other relatives – and it’s saving me TIME – something I have begun to value at my age. (grin)

Now through February 14, 1017, Family Roots Publishing is offering Mobile Genealogy: How to Use Your Tablet and Smartphone for Family History Research for 20% off – the lowest price we’ve ever offered. We have a new batch in stock, ready to ship immediately. Order Mobile Genealogy: How to Use Your Tablet and Smartphone for Family History Research; by Lisa Louise Cooke; iv+170 pp; Paper; 6×9, Published: 2016; ISBN: 5800114346248 Item # LU20. Regular: $19.95; On Sale for just $15.96 (plus $5.50 p&h). Click on the links to order.

Access the Computer On Your Desk at Home!
Chapter 15 covers using your mobile device to access your home computer. I’ll bet most of you never even considered connecting to your PC with your smart phone. Yes – it’s possible, and Lisa gives step-by-step instructions on how to do that too! So – whether you are using a tablet, or a smart phone, you can access stuff that’s 1000 miles away – or maybe just around the corner.

Screen Capture on my Smart Phone?!
Chapter 4 really gets into the nitty-gritty of better browsing with your mobile device. Although covered in Lisa’s 2012 iPad book, this chapter takes the subject to a whole new level. Her section on mobile web-clipping and screen capture was a great help to me. I’ve always had problems with screen capture and had basically given up on it. Now I know what to do!

Translation Strategies
Lisa’s section on translation strategies in Chapter 10 just opened up a world of new data for me – and it can for you. She explains how the Google Translate App from the App Store or Google Play can be used for capturing data on your ancestor from foreign-language books – translated into English so you can actually read it! Yes – we all know the shortcomings of translation programs, but I am happy to accept anything dealing with my ancestors, and the towns they lived in, even if the English is a bit messy. Think Google Books here folks – loaded with stuff on our ancestors, much of which we can’t read! You can even use your phone’s camera to capture, OCR, and translate any words or phrases! Lisa takes the reader step-by step through how to use the marvelous technology that’s resting in your hand!

Following is an expanded Table of Contents for the volume.


  • A Few Tips for Using the Book


  • Chapter One: The Tablet Mindset
    • Tablet Mindset Guidelines
    • App Consolidation
  • Chapter Two: Genealogy Task Wish List


  • Chapter 3: There’s An App for That!
    • App Store
    • Google Play Store
    • Staying Up to Date – App Resources
  • Chapter 4: Browsing
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Google
    • Dolphin
  • Chapter 5: Note Taking
    • Evernote
    • Notes
    • Pages
    • Microsoft Word
    • Google Docs
  • Chapter 6: File Storage & Management
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • iCloud
  • Chapter 7: Audio
    • Memos
    • Evernote
  • Chapter 8: Photos
    • Capturing Photos
    • Photomyne Pro – Album Scanner
    • Storing and Organizing Photos
    • iCloud Photo Library
    • Google Photos
    • Working with Photos
    • Adobe Photoshop Express
    • Color Splash for iPad
    • Android Alternative to Color Splash for iPad: Color Splash FX
    • Retype
    • Pocketbooth
  • Chapter 9: Reading
    • Reading Content from the Web
    • Flipboard
    • Feedly
    • Reading eBooks and Documents
    • GoodReader
    • Play Books
    • iBooks
  • Chapter 10: Collaboration & Communication
    • Facebook
    • Skype
    • FaceTime
    • Google Translate
  • Chapter 11: Travel
  • Chapter 12: Genealogy
    • Ancestry
    • MyHeritage
    • Reunion for iPad
    • RootsMagic
    • Families
    • Family Tree
    • FamilySearch Memories
  • Chapter 13: Education & Information
    • Podcasts (Audio)
    • Genealogy Gems
    • Video
  • Chapter 14: Captivating Non-Genealogists
    • Pic Collage
    • Google Earth
    • Pinterest
    • THIS DAY in My Family History
    • Little Family Tree


  • Chapter 15: Power Boost Your Tablet: Remote Access
    • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Chapter 16: Mobile Tips & Tricks
    • New Features
    • Keyboard and Gesture Tips and Tricks
    • Navigation Tips and Tricks
    • Voice Command
    • Functionality Tips and Tricks
    • App Related Tips and Tricks


  • Chapter 17: Mobile Genealogy Means Adventurous Genealogy
  • About the Author

Through Tuesday, February 14, 2017, Family Roots Publishing is offering Mobile Genealogy: How to Use Your Tablet and Smartphone for Family History Research for 20% off. Order Mobile Genealogy: How to Use Your Tablet and Smartphone for Family History Research; by Lisa Louise Cooke; iv+170 pp; Paper; 6×9, Published: 2016; ISBN: 5800114346248 Item # LU20. Regular: $19.95; On Sale for just $15.96 (plus $5.50 p&h). Click on the links to order.

LiveHistory for iPad v1.1 adds Genealogy Forecasting

The following news release was found at

July 11, 2013 [] Eindhoven, the Netherlands – The AlgoCoil software company has announced their v1.1 release of LiveHistory, a genealogy app for the iPad, with features that extend its data model with biographical facts such as where people lived, and with whom. The app offers unique dynamic visualizations which let the user scroll through entire trees, switch roots, focus on persons or households, and even browse through time.

Forecasting of a genealogy:
The new Forecasting feature of LiveHistory computes predictions of all missing dates in the genealogy, and displays them in gray font. To achieve plausible results that are simultaneously consistent with the known facts – spanning multiple generations – in the database, the forecasting engine consults a built-in rule-bank containing consistency rules, and statistics about life-time, typical age at marriage etc.

Consistency Guidance:
In addition to forecasting missing dates, this version of the app also computes – for each unknown date – the earliest and latest dates that are possible without conflicting with known facts. When the user edits a forecasted unknown date, the date editor is aware of the consistency limits. Assigning a date outside the limits is flagged by LiveHistory to warn for an inconsistency by displaying the date in red.

Feature Summary:
* Standalone iPad App: no desktop companion product. Works without a network connection
* Gedcom import: Gedcom files (.ged or .GED) mailed to you can be imported and merged
* Supported data in this version: Person, Household, Life Partner, Adoption, Occupation, Venue, Residence, Official Name, Portrait
* Freeform text notes attached to each event data item
* Selectable Viewing Date: browsing through time with the Time-Slider
* Dynamic continuous Ancestry/Descendants scrolling
* Freely selectable Ancestry/Descendants root, no need for multiple “files”
* Forecasting of unknown dates: based on consistency and informal statistics
* Consistency Guidance: rule-based, multiple generations
* Import and cropping of portrait photos from the standard iPad “Photos” App, or camera
* Smart data entry for venues: places, residences, and premises. Supports premises name and local sub-address
* Quick-Select of persons and households during editing
* Browser chart views: Person, Ancestry, Household
* Browser navigation: Person index, in-chart taps and dragging
* Editors: Person, Household, Venue, Date, Portrait, Notes
* Editor navigation: jump to related editors

Supported Language:
* English (Currently)

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 4.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
For a limited time, LiveHistory 1.1 is offered at the one-week promotional price of $6.99 USD (Reg. $7.99) or equivalent amount in other currencies and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Promo-codes for reviewers are available.

LiveHistory 1.1
Purchase and Download
App Icon

AlgoCoil is a Netherlands-based software company founded in 2011 by Roel P. de Jong, former research scientist at Philips. The company specializes in the development and application of non-trivial algorithms to enhance user-experience and productivity. Since its start, the company has been focusing on LiveHistory, a genealogy/biography application that aims to popularize and shift the scope of traditional genealogy. Copyright (C) 2011-2013 AlgoCoil. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Live History

See the original news release.

MyHeritage Releases Mobile App For On-The-Go Discoveries

The following was received from MyHeritage:

World’s largest family network unveils new mobile experience for searching historical records, including the 1940 U.S. Census, on iPhone, iPad and Android

PROVO, Utah & LONDON & TEL AVIV, Israel – April 5, 2012: MyHeritage, the most popular family network on the web, today announced the ability to search billions of historical records, including the 1940 U.S. Census, on-the-go via a new version of the free MyHeritage Mobile App for iPhone, Android and iPad. The new version 1.2 of the MyHeritage App also searches more than 22 million family trees, helping users with their family history research. The move further extends MyHeritage’s leadership by offering an intuitive and exciting experience for families to discover more about the lives of their American relatives in 1940 and to trace their roots around the world, all on-the-go.

The MyHeritage Mobile App was first introduced in December 15, 2011 and has since amassed an install base of more than 500,000. In addition to searching historical content, it allows users to take their family tree on-the-go with an attractive display specially suited for mobile devices, capture family moments for future generations and stay in touch with family anytime, anywhere.

As millions of people rush to satisfy their curiosity and access the 1940 US census – one of the most significant sets of historical records ever to be released – MyHeritage is currently the only commercial player offering both a complete set of images from all US states and a preliminary searchable index, available via the new MyHeritage App and on Access is completely free and no registration is required.

All 3.8 million images of the 1940 U.S. Census, and the initial collection of indexed records searchable by names, facts and other criteria, are now available to explore for free on the MyHeritage App, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play (formerly Android Market). The app can search the entire MyHeritage data collection of more than four billion records, many exclusive to MyHeritage, including birth, marriage, death, immigration and military records, census records, newspapers, yearbooks and much more. Available in more than 20 languages, the app enables family history lovers all over the world to explore their family’s history.

The company’s quick delivery and high quality searching and viewing experience of the 1940 U.S. Census prompted praise from some of the world’s leading genealogy opinion leaders:

  • Influential Geneablogger Pat Richley-Erickson commented yesterday on her popular blog, Dear Myrtle: “MyHeritage: 1st commercial site to post all 1940 census images […] All images from the 1940 US federal census are now live on the MyHeritage site. This was accomplished by jumping through hoops, technologically speaking. These images are free, and readily accessible. Ol’ Myrt here thinks you’ll like the image interface. Try it, you’ll like it.”
  • “MyHeritage has beaten the rest of the crowd,” wrote renowned Geneablogger Dick Eastman in Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, yesterday, while well-known reporter Ancestry Insider compared all companies and organizations working on the 1940 census, and summarized: “Today MyHeritage crossed the image finish line. Early in the day they finished loading all states. The online buzz about MyHeritage has been very positive. I declare them first place.”

The updated MyHeritage Mobile App is powered by the fastest and most powerful family history search engine, MyHeritage SuperSearch™. Packed with historical records obtained through the company’s acquisition of FamilyLink, and user-generated information in family trees on MyHeritage, SuperSearch™ is expected to be launched with full capabilities in mid-April, to help family history enthusiasts break through brick walls in their research.

“It has been encouraging to see the huge mainstream interest in the 1940 US census. Anticipating this demand, we have created a fantastic online and mobile experience for families to discover their roots and satisfy their curiosity for the 1940 U.S Census”, said MyHeritage Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet. “Enabling discoveries via mobile puts us firmly on the map as a serious provider of historical content. Our successful publishing of the 1940 US census and the enhanced mobile app are only the beginning – watch this space!”

With more than 62 million registered users, billions of historical records, 22 million family trees and close to 1 billion profiles, MyHeritage has become the trusted home on the web for families wishing to explore their family history, share memories and stay connected.

About MyHeritage
MyHeritage is the most popular family network on the web. On MyHeritage, millions of families around the world enjoy having a private and free place to explore their history and share special family memories. Pioneers in making family history a collaborative experience for all the family, MyHeritage empowers its users with a unique mix of innovative social tools and a massive library of historical content. The site is available in 38 languages. The company is backed by Accel Partners and Index Ventures, the investors of Facebook and Skype. For more information visit The 1940 U.S. Federal Census is available on

New App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Loaded with Features

The following news release was received from

New ‘ Mobile’ iOS App Gives Users the Ability to Access Billions of Historical Records to Build Their Family Tree
PROVO, UTAH (November 29, 2011) –, the world’s largest online family history resource, today announced the availability of a new, upgraded version of its Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with features designed to enable more rewarding discoveries as users build, update and share their family trees. The mobile app, which to-date has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times, is now available for free from the Apple App Store.

This upgrade adds three new features to’s existing family history app:

Ø “In-app purchasing,” which allows subscribers to view, then buy fascinating historical records about their ancestors – such as World War I draft cards, Census records, birth/death certificates, and school yearbook photos, from among billions of historical documents in the database

Ø A “Shaky Leaf” hinting feature that employs predictive analytics to suggest possible new connections between a user’s family tree and undiscovered documents in the world’s largest family history database

Ø A new merge feature, which automatically identifies and extracts information about family members from historical records so users can quickly and easily update their family tree

“Our goal with the new mobile app is to enable more people to discover their family history through our billions of historic records, and allow them to share their findings easily with others,” said Eric Shoup, Senior Vice President of Product at “Our ‘Shaky Leaf’ hinting feature has resulted in tens of millions of successful family history discoveries online and it’s now accessible to our growing mobile user base.”

For users new to, the latest iOS app provides an easy way to get started by giving access to relevant historical documents on the site without a subscription. For existing members, the new app gives them the ability to grow their tree using records and share them with others while on-the-go.

The mobile app offers many of the most popular features available in the online version of’s industry-leading family history website, including the ability to add and edit family information, view and share documents and photos, take and attach photos and create and navigate multi-generational family trees.

To get started, download the free mobile app to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and either register for a new, or log in to an existing account and choose a family tree. subscribers can download family history records in the app free of charge. Non-subscribers pay a special introductory price starting at $0.99 for each record purchased through the Mobile app’s “in-app purchase” feature.

About Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOM) is the world’s largest online family history resource, with approximately 1.7 million paying subscribers. More than 7 billion records have been added to the site in the past 15 years. Ancestry users have created more than 28 million family trees containing over 2.8 billion profiles. In addition to its flagship site, offers localized Web sites designed for nine countries that empower people to discover, preserve and share their family history.

Federation of Genealogical Societies DEBUTS NEW MOBILE APP

The following news release was received from Thomas MacEntee:

Offers Easy Access to FGS Services Including Radio, Blog and Webinars

August 15, 2011 – Austin, TX. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) announces the debut of its free mobile application for the iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad®. With the new FGS App, FGS resources and services such as FGS Radio, Voice – the FGS blog and webinars are now available to a wider audience.

The FGS App is the perfect place to stay current with all the events and offerings at FGS. Whether you want to read news at the Voice, listen to the FGS Radio show or learn new tips and tricks from the FGS Webinars, the FGS App allows you to do all of that in one program. You can also get the latest news on the FGS 2011 conference coming up September 7-10, 2011 in Springfield, Illinois as well as the Preserve the Pensions project to digitize millions of War of 1812 pension files.

In terms of social media, the FGS App enables users to interact with each other through comments, posts and sharing content via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. The new app also includes Society Hall, a directory of all the FGS Members and their locations.

According to D. Joshua Taylor, FGS Vice-President for Administration and nationally-known genealogy expert, “In an age where technology plays such an important role in family history, the FGS App serves as a tool for genealogists and FGS member societies, leading the way for genealogical organizations to harness mobile technologies to promote themselves within this digital climate. This is an exciting beginning of many innovations yet to come.”

To access the new FGS App, visit the Apple Store at or use to download the FGS App.

Technical and Developer Information
· The FGS App has been developed by A.C. Ivory of Find My Ancestor specifically to meet the needs of FGS members and the genealogy community.

· The FGS App is compatible with the iPhone® (3GS and later models), iPod Touch®, and iPad® and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

· The FGS App may not work with older 3G iPhone® models – this is a decision on the part of Apple as they get ready to roll out the new iPhone® 5 later this year.

· FGS plans to make the FGS App available to Android and Windows Mobile users in the near future.

About the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)
The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) was founded in 1976 and represents the members of hundreds of genealogical societies. FGS links the genealogical community by helping genealogical societies strengthen and grow through resources available online, FGS Forum magazine (filled with articles pertaining to society management and genealogical news), and Society Strategy Series papers, covering topics about effectively operating a genealogical society. FGS also links the genealogical community through its annual conference — four days of excellent lectures, including one full day devoted to society management topics. To learn more visit

The Genealogy Gems Podcast App Named a Must-Have by

The following press release was received from my good friend, Lisa Louise Cooke:

SAN RAMON, CA, August 11, 2011 – Genealogy Gems announced today that has named the Genealogy Gems Podcast app as a must-have app in the Hobby category of the website’s AppList.

“As more and more old records are added to the internet, researching your family history has never been easier or more fun. This App, The Genealogy Gems Podcast- Your Family History Show, is a great resource for both amateur and professional Genealogists. It features streaming of the Genealogy Gems podcast as well as show notes and bonus material such as PDF files and images. The podcasts are loaded with tips, links and information that truly are “gems” for researchers. The interface is easy to use and the type and controls are larger, making this application ideal even for older users. For those into Genealogy, The Genealogy Gems Podcast – Your Family History Show, is a must-have app.”

The Genealogy Gems app brings Genealogy Gems to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (at the iTunes store) and Android phone (in the Marketplace) along with exciting bonus material. In addition to getting access to the show, you’ll also receive access to special features like:

• PDF Documents – tips and ideas from the show
• Genealogy Gems Wallpaper
• Exclusive Bonus audio and video content
• Ability to follow the show on Twitter
• Call-in audio comment feature (iPhone only)

If you are interested in your family history and heritage, you’ll love having Genealogy Gems delivered to your mobile device!

About Genealogy Gems:
Genealogy Gems is an online multi-media company bringing family history education, information and inspiration to genealogists around the world. Founded in 2007 by Lisa Louise Cooke, the flagship of the company is the internationally popular audio show The Genealogy Gems Podcast. Lisa is the author of The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, and the Google Earth for Genealogy video CD series. Launches to Preserve Family History on Memorial Day

The following news release was received from my friend, Claire LeBeaux. Note that the App is for the iPhone at this time, but “a Droid version is in the works, just not this weekend.”

PROVO, Utah – May 26, 2011 – Memorial Day is coming soon, and AppTime (, the group behind the family history app MobileTree (, has a new project they’re thrilled to share. It’s called, it’s as ambitious a project as the word “billion” makes it sound, and they want you to take it with you to the cemetery this Memorial Day.

“It’s a huge opportunity for everyone in family history,” says Rob Moncur, the head developer for the website. “We want people from all over the world to be able work together and pool resources so everyone can find the ancestors they’re looking for.” aims to be the largest repository of headstone records, images, and locations in the world. This will give family historians access to previously undocumented information that can further their genealogical research. The site is built with these researchers in mind, and its structure is inherently collaborative. The first step in the BillionGraves process is to have iPhone users download the BillionGraves camera app and take it with them to local cemeteries—hopefully at times when they would already be going, like on Memorial Day. Those people snap quick pictures of the cemetery’s headstones, and the app uploads the photos to The photos are tagged using the iPhone’s location services so the exact location of each grave is recorded.

Once the photos are on, anyone with a BillionGraves account—whether they have an iPhone or not—can transcribe the records on the headstones and make them easily searchable. Then anyone can search for their ancestors and find not only the information recorded on headstones, but also see the headstones and the exact locations of ancestors’ final resting places. Those records, formerly undocumented and hard to access, open up to family historians worldwide.

“This is something anyone in the world can access and participate in,” says Curtis Tirrell, AppTime’s CEO. “Everyone has unique access to their local cemeteries. You have access to someone’s ancestor, access they may not be able to get alone. We’re creating a way for everyone to help other family history researchers and remove problems of distance.”

The BillionGraves crew is excited about the prospects for, but they all know that they need the family history community to back them in their endeavor.

“We don’t know where all the cemeteries in the world are,” says Moncur. “There are cemeteries that aren’t plotted on any maps, and we can’t go out and find those. But people know where they are. All those people need to do is let us know and snap as many pictures as they can. We want to make that process simple and easy, which is why we’re releasing the app and launching the website right before Memorial Day. Lots of people will be going to cemeteries anyway. We just want them to do a little something extra while they’re telling stories about great-grandpa, and that extra will help people all over the place.”

To learn more about the project and what you can do to help, visit or (the project’s blog) and, if you have an iPhone, download the BillionGraves Camera app. The app is free May 25-June 1. After that it will cost $1.99 to ensure only responsible users download it.