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Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors, 2nd Edition – On Sale for 15% off thru Sept. 1

Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors has been out of stock in the FRPC warehouse for some time. We just got a new stock in and FRPC is making it available for 15% off through Sept. 1, 2015. The entire Irish county research series of “Tracing Your Ancestors” and “Finding Your Ancestors” was created to help researchers […]

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Professional Genealogy – Back in Print and 17% Off Sale Extended Thru September 1

Imaging going to a genealogy seminar and having nothing but great classes taught by some of the very best professional genealogists in the county. That is what you get in Professional Genealogy: A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers, and Librarians. Edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG; this book was primarily compiled to […]

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Getting Started in #Genealogy Bundle – On Sale for 65% Off

As this week’s FRPC Exceptional Bargain Offer, Family Roots Publishing is offering 3 popular genealogy books as a bundle for 65% off – or individually at 25% off. The bundle is heavy, and can’t be shipped outside of the United States & Canada. To Purchase the bundle for just $19.20 (plus $8 p&h), Click Here. […]

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In Search of Your European Roots: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe — 50% OFF

What genealogical records are available? Where are the records located? How can each records repository be accessed and used? Searching for specific records for your ancestors is work enough. There is no need to first spending significant time finding record repositories to begin with; especially, when there are guides available to point the researcher in […]

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19th Century Card Photos KwikGuide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Identifying and Dating Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards

Photography, like any other “technology” has advanced in many distinct ways over it nearly 200 years of existence. In 1839 the commercial use of photography became a reality, and many different methods were tried and used to create permanent images. From metal and glass to paper and film, and ultimately digital media, the process for […]

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Quicksheet: Your Stripped-Bare Guide to HISTORICAL ‘PROOF’

If you have spent much time reading on this website, then you must have read something by now about Elizabeth Shown Mills. Mills is an expert researcher and family historian. Her works include top selling books on proving and citing sources: Evidence!: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian and Evidence Explained, Evidence Explained: Citing […]

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Evidence Explained – Citing History Sources From Artifacts To Cyberspace – Second Edition

When I first picked up Evidence Explained, Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, I read the Foreword and Acknowledgemen,t then skimmed a few pages. I immediately shut the book and said something to the effect of, “this is too academic.” Then I thought about it. My friend and the author, Elizabeth Shown Mills, is […]

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Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian

Many years ago, when Google was still an Internet infant and AltaVista ruled the search world, I wrote a guide book to using search engines and maximizing the quality of search results. I included a chapter called the SAR Loop. SAR stands for search, analyze and revise. The idea was to help researchers understand and […]

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The Family Tree Problem Solver: Tried-and True Tactics for Tracing Elusive Ancestors — 15% Off through Midnight Thursday, April 24

Every author has a pedigree. Yes, they all have a family history, but I mean a work pedigree. Each has a resume of work and life experiences that are echoed in their words and teachings. These words, these guides and books can help lead the student, the reader, the researcher, down new roads to greater […]

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Witter’s German-English Primer

Language barriers are always present when researching one’s ancestors prior to their arrival in America. Both language barriers and unique handwriting forming these barriers can be difficult to surmount. One great tool available to help researchers with their German is an actual early German school book. Every now and then a book will find new […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County

Beginning in 1987, the National Genealogical Society began publishing a series of state guides in the organization’s magazine, the Quarterly. These guides were later issued as special publications. The latest version of the series contains revised guides, plus additional states not included in the previous releases. Now, new for 2013, NGS has provided a slight […]

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A Reporter in France Helps to Return Art Taken by the Nazis

The following excerpt is from a fantastic research story by reporter Doreen Carvajel, posted in the January 30, 2014 edition of the New York Times. Thanks to my friend, Daniel Horowitz, with MytHeritage, for turning me on to this… What a story! PARIS — I worked nights from a leather chair in my living room, […]

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Genealogical Resources in English Repositories

The information so nicely gathered into a single resource in Genealogical Resources in English Repositories can be found in many other locations; however, that does not make this book any less useful. This book represents an exhaustive listing of available genealogical resources available in Britain. Listed in these pages are major national archives and libraries, […]

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Beginners Guide To Genetic Genealogy

14 easy lessons on DNA, and how a genealogists can use it to find relatives. What is Genetic Genealogy? Genealogy is simply the study of one’s family tree or ancestry. Genetic genealogy uses DNA testing to determine the genetic relationship between individuals. Why would someone want to use DNA for genealogy? There are many reasons […]

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RootsMagic Webinars on CD, Volume 3

First there were two, now there are four. The folks at RootsMagic, one of the most popular genealogy programs on the market, use webinars to prove training and help for their user base. These webinars are available for free online. However, for those with slow or limited Internet connectivity, or who simply prefer to have […]

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