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From the Family Kitchen: Discover Your Food Heritage and Preserve Favorite Recipes – Now on Sale for 55% Off thru Feb. 9, 2016

Food makes up, and takes up, a considerable portion of our human existence. A large portion of our time goes to earning an income, from which a significant portion goes to food. Hours can be spent each day preparing the daily meals. Major significance is given to the customs, habits, and manners surrounding food. Food […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: Maryland

“and then on the 3 of March came into Chesapeake bay, at the mouth of the Patomecke, this baye is the most delightfull water I ever saw, between two seet lande, with a channel, 4:5:6:7: and 8 fathoms deepe, some 10 leagues broad, at time of yeare full of fish, yet it doth yeild to […]

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NGS Research in the States: North Carolina

“From the Native American tribes who first lived on the land to the English settlers form Virginia who followed; from the enslaved African Americans to those who came to the area on overland routes, the people of North Carolina have produced a wealth of records to tell their stories. Genealogists who want to trace Tar […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: Virginia

“Research in Virginia is a never-ending search for new sources, new names, and new family connections. Discovering the role of one’s family in the long panorama of Virginia’s past is a challenge to genealogists–often frustrating, frequently rewarding. Researchers will confront many successes if they give careful attention to the records and to their historical and […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: Oklahoma

“Gunshots rang out in the territorial capital at Guthrie on Saturday, 16 November 1907, as word was received by telegrapho that President Theodore Roosevelt had signed the proclamation creating Oklahoma as the forty-sixth state. Oklahoma, a Choctaw word meaning red (Okla) people (homma) was chosen as the name for the state joining Oklahoma Territory and […]

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Elements of Genealogical Analysis

The accuracy, thus the validity, of any family tree is only as good as the records and sources by which each ancestor on the tree is identified. Many genealogy enthusiasts have used their professional experience to establish methodologies for resolving genealogical conundrums. Elements of Genealogical Analysis, by Robert Charles Anderson, is a recently published book […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: California

I doubt anyone would question the fact that California is a unique state. Third largest in territory, largest in population, known around the world, for good or bad, for entertainment, earthquakes, technology, agriculture, and much more. California offers some of the most unique natural features from the redwoods to Yosemite; from Mt. Whitney to Death […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: Nebraska

“Early native inhabitants roamed the tall-grass prairie, establishing camp villages along the clear streams and leaving behind anthropologic traces of their homes. The wide Platte River carried the early fur traders and foreign explorers, and the nineteenth-century pioneer wagon trains traveled along its grassy banks. Agriculture has led Nebraska’s economy since the state’s beginning. Ranching […]

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Got Proof Of That? Genealogical & Historical Proof Bundle – 15% Off Through Wed., Sept. 9, 2015

Family Roots Publishing has bundled 3 of our best sellers – all items that deal with proving your case. We all have times when we can’t find direct proof of an ancestor’s relationship – or when we have multiple evidential documents that conflict with each other. So what do we do? All three of these […]

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Quicksheet: Your Stripped-Bare Guide to HISTORICAL ‘PROOF’ – On Sale for 10% Off

Elizabeth Shown Mills is an expert researcher and family historian. Her works include top selling books on proving and citing sources: Evidence!: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian and Evidence Explained, Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Mills has also written a number of Quicksheets covering research methodologies designed to improve […]

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Genealogical Proof Standard: Building A Solid Case – Fourth Edition

In this blog, we have previously reviewed books and examined the topic of evidence as it relates to proving or supporting facts found in ones research. For example, two different sources indicate different marriage dates for an ancestor. How does the research identify which source is more accurate. Sometimes this involves an examination of the […]

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Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors, 2nd Edition – On Sale for 15% off thru Sept. 1

Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors has been out of stock in the FRPC warehouse for some time. We just got a new stock in and FRPC is making it available for 15% off through Sept. 1, 2015. The entire Irish county research series of “Tracing Your Ancestors” and “Finding Your Ancestors” was created to help researchers […]

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Professional Genealogy – Back in Print and 17% Off Sale Extended Thru September 1

Imaging going to a genealogy seminar and having nothing but great classes taught by some of the very best professional genealogists in the county. That is what you get in Professional Genealogy: A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers, and Librarians. Edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG; this book was primarily compiled to […]

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Getting Started in #Genealogy Bundle – On Sale for 65% Off

As this week’s FRPC Exceptional Bargain Offer, Family Roots Publishing is offering 3 popular genealogy books as a bundle for 65% off – or individually at 25% off. The bundle is heavy, and can’t be shipped outside of the United States & Canada. To Purchase the bundle for just $19.20 (plus $8 p&h), Click Here. […]

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In Search of Your European Roots: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe — 50% OFF

What genealogical records are available? Where are the records located? How can each records repository be accessed and used? Searching for specific records for your ancestors is work enough. There is no need to first spending significant time finding record repositories to begin with; especially, when there are guides available to point the researcher in […]

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