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Bill Belichick & Pete Carroll Both Have Croatian Roots

A few million of us are awaiting this weekend’s Superbowl with anticipation – myself included. Being a die-hard Seahawks fan for several decades has been hard at times. Life has been good lately. I ran across an interesting tidbit about New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. It seems that Patriots […]

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Family History Found in Dresser & Posted on the Web Finds it’s Way to Family

The following exceprt is from a fascinating article posted in the August 12, 2013 edition of At 93, there wasn’t much that Green Valley resident Loren Thorson thought he’d yet learn about his past, but an email from a second cousin last Sunday changed all that. The cousin stumbled onto “an extrordinary posting” while […]

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Genealogy Files on Coweta County Donated to the Coweta County, Georgia, Genealogical Society.

The following excerpt is from an interesting article published in the March 4, 2013 edition of the Times-Herald. Coweta County, Georgia: Frances Banks Storey was a wife, mother, retail clerk and a writer. She penned a couple of books about her family history, was a gifted poet and wrote an unpublished novel based on family […]

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Going the Extra Mile With Someone Else’s Genealogy

The following excerpt is from an excellent article posted in the February 19, 2013 edition of the Deseret News. “What a treasure trove!” I exclaimed. My client and I sat at the table going page by page through a three-ring binder he mysteriously received. It contained tons of important information about his family genealogy: vital […]

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Chances Are, You’ll Find a Skeleton in the Closet

The following excerpt is from aa article by Sue Shellenbarger, posted in the January 15, 2013 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Amateur genealogists, beware. Researching your ancestry doesn’t always turn up heroes and royalty. It may turn up a felon, a bigamist or another unsavory character. New York filmmaker Heather Quinlan found more than […]

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Heirloom Registry Partners with Family Tree Magazine for Promotion

The following is from a press release obtained from Heirloom Registry Partners with Family Tree Magazine, Family Heirlooms Expert for New Promotion The Heirloom Registry™ – a new service that helps its users save and share the stories behind their family heirlooms – has partnered with Family Tree Magazine and author Denise May Levenick […]

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My Family Tree Workbook: Genealogy for Beginners

Last week, I reviewed Our Family Tree — Create a New Family Heirloom. This creatively-designed, fill-in-the-blank, bound family history gives the owner a chance to preserve their family history by recording their details and stories in a beautiful hardbound book. Rosemary A. Chorzempa has created a similar book for children and beginner genealogists. My Family […]

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MORE What Did They Mean By That?

What Did They Mean By That? A Dictionary of Historical and Genealogical Terms Old and New has long been the most popular historical dictionary carried by Family Roots Publishing. This book provides an understanding, in modern terms, for words used in the past. Many of these words, used historically in everyday conversation, to describe items, […]

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Quick Tips for Genealogists

The Ancestry Daily News began publishing the “Ancestry Quick Tip” segment back in 1999. The column was a huge success. Individuals throughout the genealogy community contributed valuable advice on all types of research topics. Many readers suggested these tips would make a great book. The result of these suggestions, and the efforts of many thoughtful […]

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Are You Breaking the Law?

Here is an interesting article discussing the ways genealogists may accidentally break piracy laws. From Tampa Bay Online. Genealogists must take care not to become pirates By SHARON TATE MOODY | Special correspondent The Internet went a little wacky a couple of weeks ago, when Congress seemed on the road to considering the Stop Online […]

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Former FamilySearch CEO Predicts 7 Billion will Participate in Family History

Speaking at RootsTech, Jay Verkler, former CEO of FamilySearch, told the audience that 7 billion people would participate in Family History by 2060. See this article in the Deseret News: RootsTech speaker predicts 7 billion to participate in genealogy By Brenna Carreon, Deseret News SALT LAKE CITY — By 2060 nearly 7 billion people will […]

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New Optical Disk Will Last 1,000 Years

You have heard it all before. When writable CDs first hit the market, companies were touting a 100 year life span for the new technology. However, it did not take long for genealogist or the public at large to realize these were inflated estimates if not out right lies. Test after test, and real world […]

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A Reminder To Preserve Copies of Your Family History

A recent article in the Allied News, from Grove City, Pennsylvania, serves as a key reminder as to why creating and keeping offsite copies of family photos and information is so important. Family history goes up in flames FINDLEY — Fire destroyed a 107-year-old farmhouse at 62 Courtney Lane, Findley Township, Wednesday, taking with it […]

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All 75 Forms Designed by William Dollarhide

We have discussed before the popularity of William Dollarhide’s books. Bill has decades of experience in research. His ideas have helped countless genealogist discover their ancestor in all types of records. Over the years, Dollarhide has learned the value of note taking and keeping activity logs while researching. In fact, he has created dozens of […]

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Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Genealogist

So, just what does one buy for their favorite genealogist? I have collected a list of top choice, in all price ranges, based on various articles I had read this season, plus a few of my own ideas. Every list had its own ranking but, I have decided to list these items in no particular […]

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