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Dick Eastman Reminds Us: Back Up Your Genealogy.

Considering how easy it is too lose your data, we all need to heed this advice. From “Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter” for November 01, 2013 It is the first day of the month. It’s time to back up your genealogy files. Then test your backups! Actually, you can make backups at any time. However, it […]

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FamilySearch Adds 8.5 Million Records From Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, and the United States

The following news release is from FamilySearch: FamilySearch added 8.5 million new, free indexed records and images this week to its collection. Included are 2,897,940 additional index records and images for the new New York State Census of 1855 collection, the 1,070,807 index records and images from the Texas Birth Certificates collection from 1903-1935, and […]

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What Historical Treasures Are We Missing?

I recently read an article in the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin about an historic home located near the Great Salt Lake in Tooele County, Utah. The home was built in the 1850s predominately out of stone and mortar with 18 inch thick walls. The article outlines the historic nature of the home along with some of its […]

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Books Discounted Daily at Family Roots Publishing

UPDATE: The Featured Item on sale at Family Roots Publishing Thursday., March 19, 2009 is: Greenwood’s The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy. selling today for only Normally $29.95 – selling today for on $19.77. UPDATE: The Featured Item on sale at Family Roots Publishing Wed., March 18, 2009 is Kip Sperry’s “Early American Handwriting. Normally […]

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GenealogyBlog Upgrades & Maintenance in Process

You might see all kinds of errors and such for the next few hours – maybe even days. I’m currently making all kinds of changes in the Blog – in its look, feel, content and utility. Password requests that were taking place earlier were remedied, and shouldn’t happen again. I found that I was linking […]

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I Get That Mormon Paper – The Deseret News

I’m a reader – and that’s the way I like to get my news, whether its in the form of a newspaper, magazine, or just words on the computer screen, I get a lot more out of the written word than from radio, television, YouTube, or podcasts. A big part of that is because I’m […]

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Got a bug…

Update (Friday March 13): I’m feeling much better – and back at work. Many thanks to those of you who have been sending me encouragement, both online and off. Now Patty’s come down with this thing. She had a temperature of 104 last night. Not good… Goodness, I’m so sick I can hardly set here […]

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We Do Our Part

February 17, 2009 – a day to remember. It was snowing in Bountiful, and I decided it was time to hang my National Recovery Act flag in the front window (unused for the last 75 years). It’s my guess that not one in 20 of my neighbors will have any idea what it’s all about…

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Fooling Around with WordPress Themes

Update: Okay – I’ve settled on the current theme for now. It’s called Vistalicious. I find it quite reader-friendly and I haven’t run onto any critical browser issues thus far. I’ve still got much to do, but the site is coming along well. You may note that GenealogyBlog is taking on a lot of different […]

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GenealogyBlog is back

Well… I’m back. This blog is about as ugly as you can get, but I’m sure that can be taken care of, given time and work on my part. This one’s all mine. There’s no administrator this time around.  As for the GenealogyBlog archives that I spent five years building… Honestly, I have no idea […]

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