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Scandinavian-American Genealogical Resources

Scandinavian-American Genealogical Resources is a straight-forward listing of resource pertinent to Americans and Europeans searching their Nordic ancestry. Resources are divided into five major Nordic groups, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish. Each group, of course, represents a home country. The book lists resources by this home country association, but offers repositories found in that […]

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Finding Family Connections in Iceland

Icelanders have a problem few experience elsewhere in the World. With an isolated population of only 300,000, Icelanders face the very real threat of accidental incest. The concern may be more urban legend than not, then again, it seems to be a real enough fear that Íslendigabók, a genealogical information website for Iceland’s inhabitants, plays […]

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Over 300 Million New Names Added Online @ the New Site

The following information was received this morning from Paul Nauta with FamilySearch: There were over 150 new collections added or enhanced this week at FamilySearch volunteers indexed over 120 million records — over 300 million new names — from original source documents to accomplish this great feat. The massive release was announced this past […]

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