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Dropbox for Genealogists

“Are you familiar with Dropbox – a program that provides 2 gigabytes of online storage for free? Learn how to sign up for Dropbox, install the program and get started ensuring the safety and security of your genealogy research data. Seems too good to be true, right? Two gigabytes of online storage for free? And […]

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The Family Tree Problem Solver: Tried-and True Tactics for Tracing Elusive Ancestors — 15% Off through Midnight Monday, April 21

Every author has a pedigree. Yes, they all have a family history, but I mean a work pedigree. Each has a resume of work and life experiences that are echoed in their words and teachings. These words, these guides and books can help lead the student, the reader, the researcher, down new roads to greater […]

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101 Things You Didn’t Know about Irish History — 15% Off through Midnight Monday, April 21

A month and a half before we put on our sombreros, sing about a drunk cockroach, and eat too many tacos in the cultural celebration acknowledging our southern neighbors on Cinco de Mayo, we will first don a little green and hope for a little luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Most you […]

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Deciphering Handwriting in German Documents: Analyzing German, Latin, and French in Historical Manuscripts, NEW Second Edition

Germans have long been a scattered people. Millions of Americans identify their ancestral roots as German. For many, however, their ancestors spoke German but never lived in what constitutes modern Germany. Some “Germans” never even lived is what could be called a German states or territories. From the middle ages on, German-speaking communities have thrived […]

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Illustrations: A Collage of Genealogical Pictorial Arrangements

In regards to author Phillip M Mayer’s style, I have said before in reviewing another of his works, he likes to keep things simple. In his guides, readers are taught to use common tools and strategies in a simple, straight-forward way to produce clean, easy-to-replicate results. In his latest book, Illustrations: A Collage of Genealogical […]

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WOW! 40% OFF ’til Thursday, April 17 — Discover Your Family History Online: A Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Genealogy Search

Technological advances have brought change to many fields of study, genealogy no less so than another. The speed of change itself has increased along with technology. The Internet key amongst these changes. Keeping up with new tools and resources can be difficult. Keeping up with change requires a constant effort. Author’s constantly need to update […]

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Genealogical Resources of the Civil War Era — by Bill Dollarhide; 20% OFF until April 17, 2014

Most genealogical records during the decade of the Civil War are related to the soldiers and regiments of the Union and Confederate military. However, there are numerous records relating to the entire population as well. Genealogical Resources of the Civil War Era, by William Dollarhide, identifies the places to look and documents to be found […]

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Forensic Genealogy – Revised

Forensic Genealogy – Revised was written to help genealogists dig deeper, examining sources with greater scrutiny to achieve greater success. Usually, when someone is said to be wearing the proverbial rose-colored glasses they are said to be viewing the world, or a situations, as better than it really is. The idiom suggests not positive thinking […]

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Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google

Over the past few years, the folks who publish Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and the History Magazine have created a series of journals offering a collection of previously published article, gathered together on a single topic. Here are some of the publications we have already seen: Tracing Your War of 1812 Ancestors Life During the […]

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Deciphering Gothic Records

Deciphering Gothic Records is a great little flip book designed to help those with German ancestry read and understand older German documents and handwriting. The books contents include information and words common to traditional vital records; including; birth, christenings, marriages, deaths, and burials. Fay S. Dearden created Deciphering Gothic Records: Useful Hints for Helping You […]

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Revised and Improved — Genealogy Standards: 50th Anniversary Edition — AND, On Sale for 15% Off Thru Thursday, April 3rd

Since my own first introduction to genealogy, back in high school, I recognized a strong need for evidence and accuracy in research. Though not a certified genealogist myself, my feelings on the matter are reflected by the The Board for Certification of Genealogists [BCG]; or perhaps it is more accurate to state, my position reflects […]

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Witter’s German-English Primer

Language barriers are always present when researching one’s ancestors prior to their arrival in America. Both language barriers and unique handwriting forming these barriers can be difficult to surmount. One great tool available to help researchers with their German is an actual early German school book. Every now and then a book will find new […]

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Stage-Coach and Tavern Days

Growing up I read my share of novels. Many of these included fantasy stories where taverns often play a major role as meeting place, rest stop, and center of information. Then there were the stories of the “wild west” where gun fights and town business seem to always center around shady activities and entertainment found […]

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Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration: A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration: A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores is a scholarly book, full of details and amassed facts in an effort to explain the mass migrations from the war torn Rhine Valley in the early 1700s.  The Palatines were driven from their homes, into the British Empire, by circumstance […]

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Tracing Your War of 1812 Ancestors

Created as a “200th Anniversary Research Special, Tracing Your War of 1812 Ancestors, covers resources for the United States, Canada, and British research. Moorshead Magazines, publishers of Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and History Magazine, have published this special volume in memory of, and to provide assistance in researching, the War of 1812. This 82 page […]

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