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Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania — 50% OFF

History is the key to our future. You have heard this before. However, history is also the key to our past. You have probably heard this before as well. Understanding at least some of the general history; including government, laws, religion, economy, along with specific events; of where your ancestors came from is necessary to […]

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Tracing Your WWI Military Ancestors

Through the voice (the writings) of several prominent writers and genealogists, Moorshead Magazines has produced another significant contribution to their Tracing Your Ancestors series. Tracing Your WWI Military Ancestors is an 84-page, 15-article, special edition publication featuring the best in WWI research articles from five different contributors. The contents and purpose of this publication are […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: Virginia

“Research in Virginia is a never-ending search for new sources, new names, and new family connections. Discovering the role of one’s family in the long panorama of Virginia’s past is a challenge to genealogists–often frustrating, frequently rewarding. Researchers will confront many successes if they give careful attention to the records and to their historical and […]

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Guide to Genealogical Writing: How to Write and Publish Your Family History

During the several years I worked as a publisher, I helped produce and print many genealogies, family histories, and memoirs. From that experience I developed strong opinions about when, how, and why a family history should be published. I believe strongly in the value of hard-bound, archive quality paper book over e-books, though there is […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: Oklahoma

“Gunshots rang out in the territorial capital at Guthrie on Saturday, 16 November 1907, as word was received by telegrapho that President Theodore Roosevelt had signed the proclamation creating Oklahoma as the forty-sixth state. Oklahoma, a Choctaw word meaning red (Okla) people (homma) was chosen as the name for the state joining Oklahoma Territory and […]

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Understanding 23andMe: A Companion Guide to “Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist”

Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist, provided insight to Autosomal tests and what they are, with coverage on SNPs or SNiPs and the idea that “your genetic pedigree is not the same as your genealogical pedigree. In Diahan Southard’s latest guide, Understanding 23andMe: A Companion Guide to “Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist,” provides greater coverage of […]

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Tracing Your Italian Ancestors

Moorshead Magazines is the publisher of Family Chronicle, and Internet Genealogy. Every so often the company collects the best articles on a particular subject from each of the three magazines and combines them into a special edition. Like the recently reviewed Tracing You English & Scottish Ancestors, and Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, Tracing Your Italian […]

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Elements of Genealogical Analysis

The accuracy, thus the validity, of any family tree is only as good as the records and sources by which each ancestor on the tree is identified. Many genealogy enthusiasts have used their professional experience to establish methodologies for resolving genealogical conundrums. Elements of Genealogical Analysis, by Robert Charles Anderson, is a recently published book […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: California

I doubt anyone would question the fact that California is a unique state. Third largest in territory, largest in population, known around the world, for good or bad, for entertainment, earthquakes, technology, agriculture, and much more. California offers some of the most unique natural features from the redwoods to Yosemite; from Mt. Whitney to Death […]

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NGS Research in the States Series: Nebraska

“Early native inhabitants roamed the tall-grass prairie, establishing camp villages along the clear streams and leaving behind anthropologic traces of their homes. The wide Platte River carried the early fur traders and foreign explorers, and the nineteenth-century pioneer wagon trains traveled along its grassy banks. Agriculture has led Nebraska’s economy since the state’s beginning. Ranching […]

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Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary

Like so much of Europe, the Hungarian political and geographical boundaries have shifted over the centuries. In 1877 Janos Dvorzsak published an Hungarian locality dictionary, similar to a Gazatteer. The work included the 63 counties of the Kingdom of Hungary with a political and religious classification of the population in each. Genealogical Gazetteer of the […]

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Quicksheet: Your Stripped-Bare Guide to HISTORICAL ‘PROOF’ – On Sale for 10% Off

Elizabeth Shown Mills is an expert researcher and family historian. Her works include top selling books on proving and citing sources: Evidence!: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian and Evidence Explained, Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Mills has also written a number of Quicksheets covering research methodologies designed to improve […]

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Mastering Genealogical Proof – on Sale for 10% Off through Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015

At one point in time or another, every genealogist faces questionable sources and must determine whether to accept or reject these sources as accurate. The question arises, “can we not determine reliably which findings reflect the past?” Then, of course, if we do decide a source is acceptable, or credible, how do we prove this […]

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Genealogical Proof Standard: Building A Solid Case – Fourth Edition

In this blog, we have previously reviewed books and examined the topic of evidence as it relates to proving or supporting facts found in ones research. For example, two different sources indicate different marriage dates for an ancestor. How does the research identify which source is more accurate. Sometimes this involves an examination of the […]

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Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors, 2nd Edition – On Sale for 15% off thru Sept. 1

Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors has been out of stock in the FRPC warehouse for some time. We just got a new stock in and FRPC is making it available for 15% off through Sept. 1, 2015. The entire Irish county research series of “Tracing Your Ancestors” and “Finding Your Ancestors” was created to help researchers […]

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