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Are the Genealogical Dark Ages Upon Us?

Prompted by an article in the Deseret News, quoting Curt Witcher, Betty Malesky wrote an interesting column this week. She speaks of a “genealogical dark ages.” Now how could that be? With all this technology-related data coming available you’d think we we in “genealogical heaven.” However, according to Witcher, and Malesky it’s not so… I […]

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Pennsylvania States Archives is Running Out of Space

With budget shortfalls galore, many states are having problems just paying the bills, let alone expanding archives space. Pennsylvania is in just such a pickle… PHILADELPHIA — The 18-story tower across from the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg is where millions of records from centuries of commonwealth history are kept to keep them safe for future […]

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Advisory Panel Recommends Against the Library of Michigan “Break-Up.”

The following excerpt is from an August 6, 2010 Lansing State Journal editorial. Although the state is hurting economically, breaking up such a wonderful resource, as the Library of Michigan is, seems extreme. Their genealogy collection is one of the best in the country. The idea of parceling out the library’s functions and holdings never […]

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Dallas Public Library in Budget Troubles

According to a blog posted at Dick Eastman’s site, the Dallas Public Library genealogy collection may be in trouble. Following is a teaser. Please read Dick’s full blog. This is important… The Dallas Public Library has one of the best genealogy departments of any public library in the United States. Sadly, that may soon end. […]

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State Historical Society of Missouri Cuts Hours

Due to a 25 percent withholding in its fiscal year 2010 state appropriation, the State Historical Society of Missouri has decreased its hours open to the public to Mondays through Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. … To continue operations and implement the withholding, the society’s 22 staff members have voluntarily taken a 20 percent […]

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Wayne County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society Museum Closes Until April 15 Due to Budget Cuts

HONESDALE [PENNSYLVANIA] – A museum dedicated to preserving Wayne County’s history and Honesdale’s role as the birthplace of the American railroad will be shuttered over the winter due to a loss in critical state funding. “The easiest way to make up for that was just to close,” said Ann O’Hara, a spokeswoman for the Wayne […]

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