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An Open Letter to Leaders in the Online Family Tree Business

Last October, my good friend Jeff Bockman sent the following letter to a number of the folks in leadership positions within the genealogical community. I haven’t heard that he’s received a response from anyone, but he shared the letter with me – giving me permission to post it on this blog. For many years now, […]

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A Long-Distance Holiday Reunion This Evening

I got the following note from my friend, Marlo Schuldt, this morning. It seems that they are having a holiday family reunion this evening, and Marlo is determined to involve his daughter and her family, who are away at medical school in Buffalo, New York. So he’s planning to involve them using his computer, television, […]

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Free Hosting With Little Downside at Google Sites

Dick Eastman wrote a very interesting article this morning about Google Sites. This site allows anyone to post their own website at no cost. And there are no ads (add your own if you like). You can have your own website address (such as Each Google Apps user can get “at least” 10 gigabites […]

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