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Back in the Great State of Washington

After an absence of about 23 years, Patty and I are again living in Orting, Washington. We lived about 5 miles outside of Orting, in Pierce County, up until 1991. We then moved to the tiny community of Elbe (just outside Mt. Rainier National Park) for several years. After spending 6 years on the road, […]

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Family Roots Publishing & Meitzler Family Move Update

Last spring we (the Meitzlers) made the decision to move home to Orting, Washington. As of July, we had been gone for 20 years, as it was in July of 1994 that we left Washington State and went on the road in our 36 ft. Safari motorcoach. We didn’t come off the road until 2000, […]

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We’re Going Home… Back to Orting, Washington

Many times during the last thirty years, while I’ve been involved in genealogy-related businesses, I have made the statement that I could do what I do for a living almost any place, as long as it was within the United States of America. Why would I say that? Well, most likely because as the old […]

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I Missed the National Genealogical Society Conference in Richmond

As many of you know, I was not at the National Genealogical Society Conference in Richmond. My booth in the exhibit hall was empty. As luck would have it, my grandchildren came down with some kind of flu-like virus the on Friday night, May 2nd. As usual, the kids had come over for the weekend, […]

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Mostly Personal – and I’m Hoping to See YOU at the NGS Conference in Richmond

I’ve been gone for a few days – sick with a virus that knocked me out of commission for a full week. It all began with a sore throat on Monday, April 21. By Tuesday morning, I was really sick. I stayed in bed and forced fluids, thinking I could beat the thing by washing […]

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Blogging on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet

A few days ago, I made some changes to my Sprint cell phone service and got a free tablet in the process. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It has a 7 inch screen, bigger than my iPhone, but still much smaller than any computer I have used before. Now don’t get me wrong… “Free” […]

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The FCC’s Net Neutrality; what is it?

My normal first response to a government agency wanting to regulate something is negative, but in this case I would be wrong to feel this way. Net Neutrality does not regulate what you can or cannot look at on the Internet. It regulates how your ISP is treating the page you are looking at. If […]

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Thanksgiving and Family Drift

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I find myself looking back at the Thanksgivings of my past. Born in Washington State and surrounded by most of my extended family, we always got together with the full family at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But with the deaths of all of my grandparents and the growing up of my cousins […]

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More on the 23andMe Debacle

Article by Dale Ralph Meitzler Another take on the 23andme case is found on in an article by Ryan Bradley titled “The curious case of 23andMe”. He states “The FDA approval process for medical devices is insane. Even the FDA knows it’s way too long and way too expensive.” I have to ask what’s […]

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FDA Warns 23andme to Stop Providing Inexpensive Genetic Testing

On November 22, 2013 the FDA sent a letter to 23andme telling them to stop selling their “23andMe Saliva Collection Kit and Personal Genome Service (PGS)” The reason for the halt is that their $99 service, which provides purchasers with a genetic analysis of their saliva, hasn’t been approved by the FDA. In the last […]

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Flu about gone… and the family is arriving

UPDATE: 12-30-09: I’m feeling better. I still have the ear infection, but overall things are much better. I’m going to get back at it today – and that will include a bit of blogging as well as removing a tremendous amount of snow from the driveway and walks around our place. The fresh air should […]

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My Very Favorite Song – “You’re My Best Friend”

This blog entry is all personal, but Randy Seaver threw out the idea of having some “Saturday Night Fun” this week by blogging about our favorite song. So I had to do it… I bent his directions a bit though. Sorry, Randy… Settling on a favorite was REALLY HARD. I’m a hopeless music fan, and […]

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