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Cook County, Illinois Poor Farm and Cemetery to be Preserved

The following excerpt is from a December 25, 2012 AP story published in the Chicago Tribune. Imagine strolling through a wooded acreage once called home by early 20th century occupants of a poor farm and patients of a tuberculosis infirmary. … just 25 miles from Chicago. That’s the plan for the Oak Forest Heritage Preserve, […]

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The Paupers Burial Ground South of Stinson Field in San Antonio

The following excerpt is from an extensive and very interesting article about an abandoned paupers’ cemetery in San Antonio, Texas. The article itself is in answer to a question in Paula Allen’s column, found in the November 1, 2009 edition of Back in the 1930s, there was a paupers burial ground just south of […]

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Group Seeks to Clean Up the Poor House Cemetery in Ottawa County, Michigan

POLKTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Eldon Kramer was writing a book on his family’s history when he discovered his great-grandfather’s resting place was an overgrown, neglected cemetery at an Ottawa County farm dedicated to the destitute. “When I saw the deterioration, I hoped that, one day, it could be restored, because (the poor farm residents) are […]

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Graves Found at Former Poor House Site in Simcoe, Ontario

Have you ever tried dowsing for graves? There is an art to it, but I’d swear that it works. There’s an interesting article in the Simcoe [Ontario] Reformer dealing with finding graves at a former poor house site. Following is a teaser. A woman in touch with the energy of the dead has determined what […]

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Mayview State Hospital in Allegheny County, PA, to Close

Why am I blogging the close of a state hospital in a genealogy-related blog? Because thousands of our relatives were born, lived and died at this facility. The Mayview State Hospital started in the 1893, known as Marshalsea, aptly named for for the famous London debtors prison. The 80 buildings on 335 acres in Bridgeville, […]

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