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Finding Grover

The following article was written by my friend, Thomas Fiske Great Uncle Tom fled from the KKK in Kentucky in 1875. He went out west and stopped in a small town on the prairie. Tom’s job in Kentucky had been clerking and sweeping in a small general merchandise store. That’s almost all he knew. That […]

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The Dark Side of Genealogy

The following article was written by my friend, Thomas Fiske Who knew there was a dark side to genealogy? I certainly did not know until today. It was news to me before I figured it out. While looking at an Internet epistle from Family Roots, I saw two books that looked mighty interesting. As a […]

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Cosmology Genealogy

The following article was written by my friend, Thomas Fiske Very seldom do my interests in cosmology and genealogy come together, but once in a while it happens. Especially when I think of a particular family line. No one really knows what gravity is, and I am not fool enough to try to explain it. […]

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The Seventy-two Year-old Scar

The following missive was written by my friend, Tom Fiske: I still have the scar. It is about 72 years old and, since I am blond, going white-haired, it hardly shows. But I know it is there, and I just checked to be sure I was bearing it nobly. It was about 1940, and a […]

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Out of the Mouths of Adults

The following article was written by my friend, Tom Fiske. Today in a fit of bad old memories I recalled the kinds of things my parents would say as I was growing up. There were three of us mean little boys in the house (no sisters) and thus no model kids for us kids to […]

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Grits or Genes

The following is another interesting article by Tom Fiske: Not always do I practice genealogy. Sometimes I read about it. Right now I am reading a fun mystery by Fiona Mountain called Bloodline. It is a mystery involving a genealogical search in the Cotswolds in England. I have been there, and it looks like a […]

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Last Links to the Past

The following article is presented by my good friend, Tom Fiske: Last July 2nd, the Fullerton (California) College Community Band put on its annual patriotic music performance. It was a large group that performed on the College quad surrounded by a huge crowd of listeners. The listeners brought their own dinners and tried to find […]

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Too Much Trouble

The following article is by my good friend, Tom Fiske: There was no Grand Canyon trip for me as others on this Blog have taken. And I went to a lot of trouble recently to release my birth certificate on the Internet for the very first time, but no one in the media took notice. […]

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The Insider – NASA’s Man at Baikonur

The following book review is not about a genealogy book, instead it’s about an important period in American/Soviet history that was in the news nearly every day 1/2 century ago. The Insider – NASA’s Man at Baikonur, by Thomas S. Fiske, 2011, 286 pp, ISBN: 978-1-935188-20-9. A few days ago I finished reading another impelling […]

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Genealogy the Easy Way

The following article was written by my friend, Tom Fiske: One of the dot com book companies sent me a small book of poems by my favorite author, Wendell Berry.* In one short poem Wendell described a method of doing genealogy that I thought was particularly useful. He wrote about his gratitude for his children […]

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The Detective in Us

The following article is by Tom Fiske: It was quite wet outside and winds were swaying the trees very dramatically. But I didn’t care. The house was warm and dry and I had a new book – The Mysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, (Puffin Classics). It wasn’t really new, just new to me. Our library […]

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My Cloud Is Not Like Your Cloud

My friend, Tom Fiske, has a dilemma, and following are a few of his thoughts about it: In Hebrews 12:1, we find something like this: “Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses …” My cloud is different from most people’s. My cloud is a bunch of relatives who want me […]

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Taking the Good With the Bad

Another short and thought-provoking piece by Tom Fiske: Genealogy has been great fun for the past twenty-five years, tracking down the ancestors and cousins and looking up all that information. Lots of real detective work. Sometimes I waited ten years or more for one tiny bit of information. Adding those bits were a kind of […]

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Podcasting Your Family Stories

Another interesting post from Tom Fiske: Some years ago I read that Leland Meitzler was going to be in Los Angeles at a genealogical meeting. We had never met except through letters and a few emails, so I decided to go meet him. Leland was giving a talk on finding one’s ancestors through the use […]

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Putting My Affairs in Order

The following article is another by my good friend, Tom Fiske. In the past several years I have undergone several serious medical operations. These are not the “you’ll be off your feet for a few weeks” types of procedures. Oh, no! These are the “Get your affairs in order” types of skirmishes between the doctor […]

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