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Civil War Reenacting to Surge During the Next 4 Years

FORT SUMTER NATIONAL MONUMENT, S.C. — For thousands of Civil War re-enactors, the next four years are a chance to capitalize on the public’s curiosity about a century-old hobby that demands such attention to detail that the fights seem almost real. The die-hards converging soon at the site where the War Between the States began […]

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The Tinmouth Murder Trial – 232 Years Too Late…

TINMOUTH [Vermont] — The jury was hung Saturday in a Tinmouth murder trial 232 years in the making, leaving a cloud of mystery hanging over the 1777 death of resident John Irish. Twelve members of the public crowd of about 80 who attended Saturday’s trial inside the town’s firehouse were deadlocked, as they openly debated […]

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Over 2,300 Reenactors to Restage History at Old Fort Niagara July 3-5

Follow America’s Byway – Great Lakes Seaway Trail – to NY History Signature Event – July 3-5 – More than 2,300 Reenactors Restage History at Old Fort Niagara Youngstown, NY – On July 3-5, more than 2,300 colorful historic reenactors clad in red, white, blue and buckskin will bring the 250th anniversary of the French […]

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