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Recording Your Family History: A Guide to Preserving Oral History

Your living family members won’t be around forever. Preserving their stories and history while they are still alive is part of being a good family historian. Like learning to fill in a family group sheet, or learning to trace ancestors through print and online resources; so too, should every genealogist learn to capture their living […]

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A recent blog on introduces two new tutorial videos to help researchers improved their research skills. Here is an extract from that blog: Introduces Two New Genealogy Videos One of the most often used and impressive features of FamilySearch.orgis the massive collection of genealogy records. FamilySearch has the largest collection of genealogical collections in […]

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Digital Storytelling gets a Boost from

I have long felt too many family historians overlook a precious piece of their family’s history, the living. When asked about why they got involved in family history, I have found most people respond, “because of the stories.” The problem is, we tend to get set in our ways and make excuses for never getting […]

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Roots Television is 3 Years Old!

I note that Roots Television is now 3 years old – and they are celebrating by sharing the 10 most popular and intriguing videos showcased to date. To see the full list, click on over to the Og Blog. The Top 10 Videos themselves are as follows: DNA: Tale of 2 Fathers In Search of […]

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Why the State Boundaries Are Where They Are.

Have you ever wondered about the shapes of the states? I watched a 1-hour Library of Congress video this evening with Mark Stein about “how the states got their shapes” on YouTube. Honestly, I’d never even considered the subject before. But it’s a fascinating topic. According to Stein, there were four major reasons for the […]

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