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Central Lunatic Asylum for Colored Insane of Petersburg, VA Records to be Digitized

April 8, 2015 – AUSTIN, Texas — Three faculty members at The University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information have received a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation to develop and field test a digital infrastructure for preserving and managing the historical public records from the Central Lunatic Asylum for Colored Insane in Petersburg, […]

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Secrets of London’s Infamous “Bedlam” Mental Hospital Revealed at Findmypast

The following news release is from · Findmypast is working with Bethlem Museum of the Mind at Bethlem Royal Hospital, in London, UK, popularly known as Bedlam, to make its extensive patient records from 1683 – 1932 available online for the very first time · Over 248,000 records, many including photos, reveal the lives […]

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Old British Psychiatric Hospital Records to be Digitized

The following teaser is from the October 23, 2014 edition of The Wellcome Library has teamed up with a number of archives across the UK to digitise records of psychiatric hospitals dating back to the 18th century. The history of mental health care in Britain is to be revealed online following a major digitisation […]

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Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum Cemetery Found – and it’s In The Way

The following teaser is from the March 8, 2014 edition of CNN – Amid a grove of trees, buried beneath the grass and dirt, Mississippi’s past is colliding with its future. Surveyors last month discovered dozens of neat, tight rows of coffins just feet below the ground at the University of Mississippi Medical Center […]

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100 Years of Virginia’s Central State Hospital Records to be Posted Online

The following excerpt is from University of Texas at Austin: Newswise — AUSTIN, Texas – A century’s worth of historical records from Central State Hospital in Virginia – the world’s first black mental hospital – will soon be available online in a digital archive created by King Davis, director of the Institute for Urban Policy […]

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Vermont State Archives Opens State Hospital Records

More than 40 cubic feet of records from the Vermont State Hospital, formerly located at Waterbury, have been opened for public research. According to the Secretary of State, Jim Condos, these records run from 1891 through 2005. The State Hospital was closed in 2011 after suffering damage in Tropical Storm Irene. for more information, see […]

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Permenent Memorial Wanted for the Augusta (Maine) Mental Health Institute Deceased

The following excerpt is from an extensive article in the May 30, 2012 edition of the Morning Sentinel: AUGUSTA [Maine] — A disturbing memory has haunted Karen Evans since she was a patient at the Augusta Mental Health Institute in the early 1960s. Evans was 17 when she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and hospitalized for […]

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Willard Cemetery Memorial Project Faces Daunting Challenges Due to Privacy Laws

I understand the need for privacy – especially as deals with medical information. But it seems to me that some common sense should have been written into our privacy laws in this country. But I suppose that’s asking too much… And I still can’t understand why dead folks should have a right to privacy. We […]

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Nevada Insane Asylum Cemetery to Once Again Become a Cemetery

The following excerpt is from an article by Ed Pearce in the October 28, 2009 edition of Hidden away in a remote section of southwest Sparks there’s a small park. Generations of have used this surprising green space without realizing what lay beneath. I n fact the park and a weed-filled, trash scattered lot […]

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Website Devoted to the Cresson TB Sanitarium, its History & its People

It was called “the san” and it’s part of a haunting and nearly forgotten chapter in Pennsylvania history. The Cresson Sanitorium for tuberculosis patients was located 140 miles from Harrisburg, between Johnstown and Altoona. Thousands of people were sent there between 1913 and 1964. Some stayed for years. Some died there. In a reflection of […]

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Dignity Being Restored to the Graves at the Toledo State Hospital Cemetery

An excellent article about the cemetery located at the former Toledo State Hospital is found in the April 19, 2009 edition of the Toledo Blade. Following is a teaser: This land, owned by the University of Toledo and site of its Medical Center (the former Medical College of Ohio), was once home to thousands who […]

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Finding Your Relatives Who Were in Mental Institutions

Sharon Tate Moody writes a great column this week on how to find information on our relatives that ended up in mental institutions. This type of research is often a challenge, for the state hospitals will seldom divulge patient information, no matter that they may have been dead for a century or more. Privacy laws, […]

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HIPPA Laws Frustrate Cemetery Research

There’s been a battle going on for some time now over making the names of those buried in the Hastings Regional Center Cemetery (Adams County, Nebraska) available to the public. Nine hundred fifty-seven people are buried in the hospital cemetery. These burials occurred between 1888 to 1959, but records date only to 1909. Graves are […]

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Mayview State Hospital in Allegheny County, PA, to Close

Why am I blogging the close of a state hospital in a genealogy-related blog? Because thousands of our relatives were born, lived and died at this facility. The Mayview State Hospital started in the 1893, known as Marshalsea, aptly named for for the famous London debtors prison. The 80 buildings on 335 acres in Bridgeville, […]

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