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Stories From My Grandparent

There are more than a few books on the market to help people capture living stories. Usually, these books focus on common questions, such as who was your best friend in grade school or how did you meet your spouse? These books come in all different shapes and size. Some focus on telling our own […]

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Our Family Heritage: A History Of Our Family

Looking for an easy and fun way to preserve the memories in the closest branches of your family’s history? Or, looking for a great way to get others in your family involved in the work? Our Family Heritage: A History Of Our Family is a great solution. The book also makes a great gift, and […]

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Our Family Tree — Create a New Family Heirloom

Our Family Tree: A History of our Family is a hardback, fill-in the blank, beautiful family history memory book. This 8.5″ x 11″ hardback book, if properly cared for, will last generations. Filled with pages ornately crafted to add a sense of style to each form, this book is a journal, a memory book, and […]

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A Face for Radio

Here’s another posting by my friend, Tom Fiske. A Face for Radio There’s a guy in the movie, Chicago, who gets to sing a song and even gets face time on the cameras because he is ordinary. The forgotten husband of the star, Roxy, he really seems to have a great face for radio. I […]

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The Diary of Jacob W. Stiverson of South Bloomfield, Ohio

Diaries can be a delightful window into the lives of our ancestors. The Historical and Genealogical Library in Circleville has a copy of the diary of Jacob W. Stiverson, beginning January 1, 1888. Following is an excerpt from the article by Darlene Weaver, in the April 18, 2009 edition of the Circleville Herald. Jacob W. […]

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