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Facebook is Buying WhatsApp for a Record $19 Billion

Yep – that’s a new record for the sale of an app… Of course this app just happens to have 450 million users per month, and unbelievable growth. Following is an excerpt from an article by Harry McCracken posted in the February 19, 2014 ediiton of Facebook is buying WhatsApp, the wildly popular communications […]

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Facebook App “Family Builder” Gets a New Owner and New Name

Facebook app, Family Builder, is a popular genealogy application running under Facebook. The app was sold last June to the background checking company, Intelius, and was given the new name, “Live Family.” Users of the app are aware of the name change, but not everyone knew of the change in ownership. The following excerpt is […]

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Social Networking for Genealogists

Book Review: Social Networking for Genealogists, by Drew Smith. This book is about the social networking made possible by the development of the Internet, and the ease of participating in the the various interactive sites, some specific to genealogy, others not, without having to be a computer expert or even have much technical expertise whatsoever. […]

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Facebook… Here I come

Kicking and Screaming… But I finally broke down and joined Facebook. I’ve just got too many friends who kept inviting me. In fact, I note that I’ve only been a Facebooker (is that right?) for about 3 hours, and I’ve got 85 Facebook Friends already. I didn’t realize how the app worked or I’d have […]

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