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This Map Bundle is made up of 3 popular Genealogy-related map and atlas products. They are:

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It’s Time to Repaint & Refresh!

This is partly personal – and is meant to explain why you may not hear a lot from Patty and I for a few days.

Update 9:30 a.m. PDT Aug 18: The two back bedrooms are repainted, as well as the main bath and the hallway. Now to unmask, put closet shelves and such back in place – and move on to the living room painting.

We’ve decided that since new carpet will be laid throughout our entire house in September, that we’d get right after it and repaint the interior of our house besides. We moved furniture and did a lot of masking on Sunday – with much more left to do. I have an idea that the project will most likely take a week to 10 days.

If you need to reach me immediately, you may call me on my cell phone at 801-949-7259. Calling the business phone will most likely just go to voice mail – so don’t plan to do that!

Orders placed online for Family Roots Publishing products will continue to be filled by staff, so we don’t expect any slow-up in filling orders, which is currently taking about 48 to 72 hours, dependent on what time of day the orders come in.

Thanks for you patience and understanding.

How To Use the FamilyRootsPublishing.com Web Store – Pt. 3

In Pt. 1, I wrote about how the Categories are laid out at the Family Roots Publishing website. In Pt. 2, I described what the categories “Africa” through “Computer” contain. In this post, I would like to describe the categories “Ethnic” through “How-to Guides.”

Categories – Ethnic to Military/War

Many of our products cover a particular ethnic group, not just the country or countries that group is from, despite titles such as Germans in Pennsylvania or Jews in Hungary. I have tried to categorize every ethnicity clearly mentioned in a book.
Note: The categories of “American” and “European” are not well represented because they would entail almost all of our products, so there is a bit of “hit and miss.” On the other hand, ethnicities that don’t have their own countries can be found here. Example: Creole, Huguenots, Melungeons, American Indian, African-American, and Norman.

In this category I have placed most of the European countries, including some that no longer exist; such as the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. We are mainly a publisher and seller of books about Germany and the German people, those books can be found under this category.
We have broken the Germany category down further into the following subcategories:

Though Family Root Publishing does not publish family books, we are not adverse to selling some. In this category can be found books on Family Reunions, Genealogies, Heraldry, Royal Lineages, and Family Associations.
Because of the large amount of data available on the subject there is also a category for Pocahontas Descendants.
Under the Genealogies category, there are subcategories for several important linage series that are known to be of help to many people.

Flip-Pal Scanners & Accessories
Though we do not sell the Flip-Pal any longer, we still have some of its accessories left. Under this category can also be found “eneloop” batteries and “Quick Notes” on how to use the Flip-Pal.

Genealogy Related Novels
After a long day at the library, archives, or courthouse, sit down to a good novel, which can be found here.

German Map Guides
This category covers our main Publishing Series. Premiering in 2005, the series was written in English by Kevan Hansen.

The volumes were principally written to help family historians resolve where their families may have gone to church in Germany – and left vital records behind that may be seen today. The series is still in production. In many cases, even the smallest places are listed in this series, some with as little population as one person! Place names are generally from before 1870. If the place existed prior to that date, it will most likely be listed. If the place was named after that date, the chances drop.

The online description of each book includes an index listing every town found in that book. To search across the entire database for any particular German town, Click here, enter the name of the town in the Search Box, click on “Description Only,” and then click Search. Note, many town names can be found in multiple books, as there are often multiple towns with the same name.

Each volume of the series does the following:

  • Identifies the parish where an ancestor may have worshipped based on where they lived.
  • Gives the FHL microfilm number for the family’s parish records.
  • Identifies nearly every city, town, and place that included residents.
  • Visually identifies church parishes for Lutherans & Catholics in each district.
  • Identifies adjoining parishes in case an ancestor attended an alternate parish.
  • Aids in area searches, particularly across district or regional borders.
  • Provides visual identification of search areas in which to look for a family.
  • Helps in determining proximity of one area to another.
  • Aids in determining reasonable distances of travel from one area to another.
  • Identifies population centers in each parish.
  • Identifies archives, repositories, and other resources.
  • Aids in identification of the location of minority religions.

How-to Guides
This category probably has the lest descriptive title of all we offer and, it is also the most useful. The flowing is the list of sub categories:

How To Use the FamilyRootsPublishing.com Web Store – Pt. 2

Mission Statement
We are principally a “how to” publishing company, as we publish and sell many books on how to do genealogy research, but not a lot of books on specific families. We do not want to do your research for you. We want to teach and guide you in your own search. Yes, we do publish a few books of “Lists,” if they happen to be of such importance that we just can’t contain ourselves otherwise. And we have others either because we bought the remainder available of a title or because the publisher is drop-shipping them for us. We have a goal that if a book exists from one of the major genealogy publishers, we want you to find it on http://www.familyrootspublishing.com/ at a great price.

In Pt. 1, I wrote about how the Categories are laid out at the Family Roots Publishing website. In this post, I would like to begin to tell you about what the main Categories are supposed to mean. I’m only dealing with categories Africa through Computer in this blog.

Categories – Africa to Computer

Top of the list. Supposed to have books and maps covering the continent of Africa. Only a few countries are covered, because not enough books are available on the subject!

Asia & Australia
Another area not written about a lot by American publishers. Only Australia and Russia are extensively covered. Russia is also covered under subcategory of “Europe.” Note Russia being on two continents means there are two lists – meaning there may be different products in each list. (Russia/Russia,) While writing this, I found two more products under the Europe category than under the Asia category.

By Author
This is where you will find the lists of authors. Because there are so many we had to make Subcategories based on the first letter of their last name.

Author M
Meitzler, Leland K.
Sorted under Author M Subcategory or
Dollarhide, William Sorted under Author D Subcategory

Author D
Note: both of these authors also have further Subcategories.
Leland K. Meitzler – Magazine Articles” for Leland and for Dollarhide; whose name we like shorten 🙂

Books, products and maps covering Canada:

  • Atlases & Maps-Canada
  • Canadian Censuses
  • Canadian Immigration
  • Canadian Magazine Articles
  • Canadian Migration
  • French-Canadian; also found under the Category Ethnic.
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Québec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Case Histories
    Case Histories
    Articles, books and inspirational stories written about some prominent researchers and author’s own searches. All true stories. Fiction is covered elsewhere by Genealogy Related Novels and Humor.

    Central America
    Central America & Caribbean
    books and maps covering Central America & the Caribbean. Most countries are listed, but there is not enough written on the subject. Many of the early explorers and settlers of North America first came through South and/or Central America, so if you have really early (1500-1700) people coming to North America, its worth checking out.

    A simple sounding Category, with simple sounding Subcategories.

    Bundle of the NEW Tracing Your Germanic Ancestors & German Census Records 1816-1916 – on Sale for 20% Off thru Aug. 9


    It was just announced that my new booklet for Moorshead Magazines, titled Tracing Your Germanic Ancestors, is now shipping. We’ve been shipping Dr. Roger Minert’s new German Census Records 1816-1916 for six weeks, and have good stocks of the volume in both soft and hard bindings.

    So – we’ve decided to create a bundle of the two new publications, and discount the bundle a full 20%. The bundle is valued at $44.90, but is on sale for only $35.92 – Now through Tuesday, August 9, 2016. Click on this link to order. P&h would normally be $10 if purchased separately, but is only $5.50 as a bundle for this promotion! So that’s a savings of $13.48! Again, click on the link – or the illustration – to order.

    You may also purchase either of the publications separately at 15% off during the promotional period. Click on their individual links to purchase.

    Tracing Your Germanic Ancestors, by Leland K Meitzler
    German Census Records 1816-1916, by Roger P. Minert, Ph.D., A.G.

    Would you like more information on these books?

    Click on the following links to read in-depth info on each of them, including their Table of Contents, and other details.

    German Census Records Blog Post – July 28, 2016

    Tracing Your Germanic Ancestors Blog Post – July 28, 2016

    Click on this link or on the illustration to order the bundle of the two new books.

    German Immigrants in American Church Records – the Series


    I am excited to be able to announce that Family Roots Publishing just signed contracts to continue the publication of what was Picton Press’s German Immigrants in American Church Records series of books.

    Under the direction of Lewis Rohrbach, these volumes have been printed at the rate of just under 2 per year since 2005. They are amazing books, listing the names, relationships and German homeland birthplaces of thousands upon thousands of German settlers in the Midwest United States. Under the direction and editorship of my friend, Roger Minert, these records have been meticulously extracted by students at BYU, then formatted and indexed to make for some of the finest German birthplace aids in existence today.

    For those who may not know, Mr. Rohrbach was one of the premier genealogists and genealogy publishers in the country, specializing in Swiss research – but also known for his quality publications – both in content as well as appearance. Lewis passed away last January, and Picton Press closed it’s doors. Read his obituary at Dick Eastman’s blog. Seventeen volumes of the series were shipped to customers. I personally know of 74 libraries that have nearly the entire series. The manuscript for Volume 18 was sent to Picton just prior to Lewis’s death and was never shipped, although I suspect it may have been printed. I understand that Lewis’s widow plans to donate his inventory to various libraries, and I am in hopes that those 74 libraries (plus others I am sure) will get Volume 18 during that process. Because of contractual and copyright issues, neither Roger, nor Family Roots Publishing has access to any of volumes one through eighteen at this time – other than ten copies of Volume 5, one copy of Volume 4, and one copy of Volume 8.

    German Immigrants in American Church Records – Volume 19: Missouri (Excluding St. Louis County) will ship in September 2016. We will be posting it at the Family Roots Publishing website in the near future. If you or your library wish to be placed on a standing order for the volumes as they come out, email me at Lmeitzler@gmail.com and I’ll forward you a standing order form to get the book at a substantial discount.

    Note that Family Roots Publishing is very interested in maintaining the superior quality of this hard-bound series, and like Mr. Rohrbach, will ensure that all volumes will be hardbound and printed on 60# acid-free paper for long-lasting shelf life.

    How To Use the FamilyRootsPublishing.com Web Store – Pt. 1

    It has been pointed out that our web store is not as intuitive as I meant to make it. When my father handed it over to me, we only had a few hundred books and products, but now they are numbered in the thousands and more are being added every day.


    Most products are in many categories. An example would be: Trace Your German Roots Online, A Complete Guide to German Genealogy Websites; by James M Beidler, this book is in the following categories

    In navigating our web store, start with the Categories list on the left hand side of our home page.


    This list will be available on every page of www.familyrootspublishing.com.

    This Categories list is only the main Categories. Most of the main Categories have a subcategories list.


    Some Categories only have a few subcategories while others have an extensive list.

    Underneath most Categories sublists will be products that cover that sublist’s broad definition.


    Regarding localities, I have placed every Continent on the Main list while the sublists may not have every country


    Some of the countries’ sublists have subcategories of states or counties.

    States subcategories

    In the case of many U.S. States, we also have subcategories for counties under the States subcategory.

    county subcategories


    The symbols or numbers before or after a category title are placed there in order to get the web store’s program to sort them into a particular category. An example would be: [British]Air Force Records: A Guide for Family Historians, 2nd Edition, by William Spencer. It is in the following categories:

    In this case the number “1” places the book at the top of the list. Some symbols can be sorted to the top of the list and with others, to the end of the list. Such as ‘British Military’.

    In many cases the same title is used, but a number or symbol is added to make it possible to place it under multiple subcategories

    Crash Course in Family History, Fifth Edition – on Sale for 25% Off Thru April 5

    One of my favorite genealogy guides is Paul Larson’s Crash Course in Family History. The book is now in its fifth edition, and is a great guide for the beginner to the advanced genealogist. If you’re looking for a fresh prospective in how to go about your research, I recommend you take advantage of the following offer.

    Purchase Crash Course for 25% off – anytime between now and midnight, Tuesday, April 5, 2016. Regularly $39.95, this 344 page hardbound guide is only $29.96 through the sale period. Following is a description of the book.



    Step-by-Step Illustrated Guidebook and Comprehensive Resource Directory

    • Features 3-Easy-Steps…
      • to trace your family roots and stories. Walks you through the fascinating family history journey hand-in-hand! It couldn’t be easier!
    • Updated and Expanded
      • The new epic Fifth Edition has been updated and expanded with 100 more pages of the best essential resources totaling 344 pages of family history help.
    • Easier and Faster
      • Discovering your family roots and story can be a life-changing experience. Learning about your ancestors, and how they met life’s challenges, can bring new perspective and understanding to your own life. Now its easier and faster with this epic new step-by-step guide from Paul Larsen.
    • Today’s Technology
      • This dynamic new fifth edition – available in both hardcover and e-book – is an illustrated guidebook and comprehensive resource directory to help you discover your family tree and story better than ever before using today’s technology.
    • Latest and Best Resources
      • Paul Larsen has done the legwork for you. He has scoured the Web and consumer reports to bring you the latest and best resources. This widely-acclaimed, best-selling guidebook has been updated and greatly expanded, and is the essential and perfect guide to discover your family roots and stories. It enables easier and faster ways of searching and organizing your family tree, collaborating with others, and connecting to your ancestors.
    • Discover Missing Information
      • It will help you discover missing information on your family tree, and add richness to your family story. And perhaps change your life!


    • 10 Essential Websites to Search
    • 10 Things You Can Do to Get Started
    • 7 Steps to Find Your Ancestral Village
    • FREE Genealogy Records to Make Your Research Easier and Faster
    • FREE Genealogy Charts and Forms
    • FREE Genealogy Websites
    • How to Find Lost Living Relatives
    • How to Use Google Earth to Find Your Ancestral Home
    • How to Discover Your Family Stories
    • How to Find Your Ancestors in the Military
    • How to Find Your Birth Parents
    • How to Network with Others

    Crash Course in Family History, FIFTH EDITION; by Paul Larsen; Published: 2014; Hard Bound; viii+343 pp; 8.5×11; ISBN: 9781937900052; Item # PL13

    World War One Research Bundle Offered at 60% Off


    Family Roots Publishing is offering a bundle of three popular World War One research guides for 60% off – while they last, or thru January 15, whichever comes first. Regular $57.40, FRPC is offering them for just $22.96 – plus a bundle shipping cost of only $5.50 – Reg. $10.50.

    Do you have one ore more of the books, but would like the others? If so, you can still puchase them individually at 40% off by clicking on the links below.

    To save 60% on this limited time offer, order by clicking HERE.

    Check out the individual listings for the books, and a review of each one by clicking on the links below.

    To save 60% on this limited time offer, order by clicking HERE.

    The 30th Anniversary Salt Lake Christmas Tour Begins

    Today – Sunday, December 5, 2015, is the start of the annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour. The first one was in 1985, making this the 30th Anniversary.


    Although quite a number of the attendees at the tour are already in-house at the Plaza Hotel in Salt Lake City, more than half will fly in today. Leland and Patty Meitzler will meet them at the airport, with the initial gathering of the group of 85 people in the Salt Lake room in the hotel this evening.

    A Family Roots Publishing Co. book store is set up in the Heritage room on the lobby floor of the hotel. Hundreds of popular genealogy-related books, software programs, CD-ROMs, and laminate quick-guides are on display. And everything in the Heritage room store is 30% off throughout the week. The hours of the store are:

    December 6 through 11, 2015.

    • This Sunday & Monday 11am-5pm
    • This Tuesday-Thursday 11am-9pm
    • This Friday 11am-4:30pm

    All Dollarhide Name List/Census Substitute Books on Sale for 30% Off, with a FREE PDF eBook Immediate Download!


    Family Roots Publishing has just published three new Dollarhide Censuses and Substitute Names Lists volumes – namely Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan. We have extended a 30% discount on ALL the Dollarhide Name Lists books (AL-MI) by 30% through Midnight PDT Monday, October 19, 2015. The printed books are just $13.27 with a FREE immediate download of the PDF eBook – and the PDF eBook alone is just $10.00 as an immediate download.

    See Dollarhide’s article, “What are Name Lists?

    All Dollarhide state Censuses and Substitute Names Lists books currently come with a FREE download of the pdf eBook. Upon placing your order, you will be able to download the FREE PDF eBook directly from the FRPC screen. You will also be sent an email from where you can click on the link and download the item. You can only download the PDF eBook once, so if you make your order from a computer other than your own, you might want to wait until you get to your computer and do the actual download from the email. Your book itself will be mailed by USPS media mail, and can be expected to arrive within 7 to 10 days within the United States.

    After downloading the FREE eBook, click on “File” in the Adobe Acrobat menu bar at the top of the screen, then click on “Save As,” and save to a location on your hard drive or other storage device.

    William Dollarhide is best known as the co-author and cartographer of Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, a book of 393 census year maps, and one of the bestselling titles ever published in the field of genealogy. Mr. Dollarhide currently lives in Utah. He has written numerous guidebooks related to genealogical research.

    With this series of genealogical guides, William Dollarhide continues his long tradition of writing books that family historians find useful in their day-to-day United States research. Bill’s Name List guides give a state-by-state listing of what name lists are available, where to find them, and how they can be used to further one’s research.

    Name lists are key to success in any genealogical endeavor. Name lists, be they national, state, county, or even city or town in scope, can help nail down the precise place where one’s ancestor may have lived. And if that can be done, further records, usually found on a local level, will now be accessible to research. But success depends on knowing where the ancestor resided. This is where Dollarhide’s Name List guides can make the difference.

    Not only does this volume give a detailed bibliography of Censuses and Substitute Names Lists available for the state, but links to websites, FHL book & microfilm numbers, archive references, maps, and key historical information make this volume invaluable to the researcher looking to extend their lines and fill in the family tree.

    The following Censuses and Substitute Names Lists volumes, all written by William Dollarhide, may be purchased from Family Roots Publishing Co.:

    Masonic Research – A Quick Guide by Pat Gordon – 10% off thru Sept. 1


    Our ancestors were social beings, just like we are today. Using information found in this much-needed Masonic Research guide will soon have you on the right track to discovering your Masonic ancestors. And chances are you have some, since Masonry is one of the oldest, most popular and influential organizations in the U.S., Canada and Europe with just about every town having a Masonic Lodge. Pat Gordon’s Masonic Research guide explains how to find Masonic records, including a comprehensive listing of Grand Lodges and Prince Hall Grand Lodges by state.

    I’ve personally had great success using Masonic records. In fact, I actually broke a brick-wall problem with them once. If you haven’t used them, I certainly recommend that you start now. This 4-page laminated Genealogy Quick Tips guide was published in 2013, but FRPC just began stocking them. To introduce the item, we’re offering it at 10% off thru Sept. 1. Sale price: $8.06, Reg. $8.95.

    Contents Include:

    • Background
    • Lodges
    • Becoming a Mason
    • Degrees
    • Offices
    • Affiliated Organizations
    • Genealogical Information
    • Finding Records
    • Researching
    • Pitfalls
    • Terms
    • Grand Lodges by State
    • Prince Hall Grand Lodges by State

    Quick Sheet: Masonic Research by Pat Gordon; 4 pp; Laminated; 8.5×11; Published: 2013; Item # BT01. Sale Price: $8.06; Reg. $8.95.

    Click on the above link to order.

    NEW – Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors, 3rd Edition – On Sale for 15% off Thru Sept. 1


    Flyleaf Press has a new 3rd edition of Tracing your Donegal Ancestors, written by Godfrey F. Duffy & Helen Meehan. FRPC just got in a stock from Dublin, Ireland. We’re making them available for 15% off thru Sept 1, 2015. Click on the illustration or the links to order.

    In comparison with most other Irish counties, Donegal has fewer records of value to family historians. This makes it important to use the existing records to their best advantage. Donegal families are a mixture of native Gaelic families, and of Scots-Irish families who came to Donegal from the 17th century onward.

    Common names in the county include O’Neill, O’Donnell, Bonner, Barr, Bradley, Duffy, Friel, Gormley, O’Kane, Gallagher, Harkin, McBride, McCafferty, McDaid, Patton, Morrissey, Ward and Sweeney.

    County Donegal is one of the counties which experienced a high level of emigration to North America and elsewhere. This book sets out the records available for Donegal, where they can be accessed, and how they can be used to best effect in tracing Donegal families.

    ” ..a valuable addition to Flyleaf’s excellent series of Irish county guides. It achieves its task…though a combination of lucid exposition and examples from the relevant sources. The most impressive facet of the book is its comprehensive coverage… With its superb bibliography and logical layout this represents excellent value for money and is a must for anyone with Donegal ancestors” – Who do you Think you are Magazine

    ” The publication is one of a kind and does all the correct things required of such a book, directions to availability of vital data, examples of such data and all other relevant information which will steer the beginner and the more experienced researcher when searching for Donegal ancestors. ” – Irish Family History Society

    ” The authors are natives of the county and experienced genealogists who guide the reader through the various sources of information…(and)… explain in a straightforward way how to go about investigating your Donegal Ancestry. Anyone starting out for the first time will find this an invaluable resource ” – Books Ireland

    ” This new and greatly expanded edition sets out the range of Donegal genealogical sources available to the family history researcher, devoting a chapter to each source type explaining what information each contains, and where each record can be accessed.” – Irish World (UK)

    ” The most impressive facet of the book is its comprehensive coverage… With its superb bibliography and logical layout this represents excellent value for money and is a must for anyone with Donegal ancestors.” – Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine January 2009

    ” This new and greatly expanded edition sets out the range of Donegal genealogical sources available to the family history researcher, devoting a chapter to each source type explaining what information each contains, and where each record can be accessed.” – Irish World (UK)

    Tracing your Donegal Ancestors, 3rd Edition; by Godfrey F. Duffy & Helen Meehan; 161 pp; Paperback; 5.75×9; Published: 2015; ISBN: 9781907990229; Illustrated; Item # FLP003.

    Click on the link to order your copy. On sale for 15% off through September 1, 2015

    NEW – Finding Your Ancestors in Kerry [Ireland] – 15% off through Sept 1


    Flyleaf Press in Dublin has just released a new Irish research guide. It’s titled “Finding your Ancestors in Kerry;” and is written by Kay Moloney Caball. As with all the books in the “Finding Your Ancestors” series, the volume details research in the county.

    The book describes all the various sources of information which are available for doing research, where each of these can be accessed and how to best use them in your search for your ancestors. The people of Kerry have a rich history. Although very predominantly Gaelic, their origins include Normans, English, Danish Vikings, French Huguenots and German Palatines. All of these have contributed to the character of twentieth century Kerry.

    Common names in the county include O’Sullivan, O’Shea, Sheehan, O’Dohoghue, O’Driscoll, Falvey, O’Connor, Moriarty, McCarthy, Kelleher, O’Connell, O’Mahoney, Fitzgerald, Cantillon, Stack, Hussey, Clifford and Fitzmaurice.

    Finding your Ancestors in Kerry; by Kay Moloney Caball; 160 pp; Paper; 5.5×8.5; Published: 2015; ISBN: 9781907990083; illustrated (b/w); Item # FLP022.

    Click on the link to order at 15% off through September 1.

    FamilySearch is Undergoing a Fundamental Transformation

    The following teaser is from an article posted in August 6, 2015 Deseret News:

    FamilySearch Logo 2014


    Fifteen years ago Apple was a beleaguered tech company. Today, it is a transformative leader across multiple industries (computers, smart phones, music, movies, wearable technology). Robert Kehrer, senior product manager for FamilySearch.org’s search experience, believes FamilySearch is also undergoing a fundamental transformation. He knows because, as a manager at Apple for most of the last decade he participated in the change, and clearly sees the similarities. Brother Kehrer was a keynote speaker at the BYU Family History and Genealogy Conference Thursday morning, July 27.

    … He explained the current focus of much of the product development is focused on the following customer needs:

    • Providing more records — faster

    • The ability to preserve and share personal family records online

    • The ability to do more on cell phones and tablets

    • Creating a more accurate and full-featured search

    • Allowing patrons to easily and completely gather online sources right at their fingertips

    • Ensuring the FamilySearch Family Tree is “genealogically sound”

    • Expanding to work with partners and industry leaders to tackle the ominous needs of the marketplace

    Read the full article.