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Genealogy at a Glance: Court Records

“Court records, including those for the territorial or colonial periods, provide vivid details of our ancestors’ action and those of their relatives and neighbors. Whether a plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, jurors, local justices, signatories, or appointed officials, most Americans were named in court records at some point in their lives.” This quote comes from the “Overview” […]

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160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, North Carolina

The story of the 160 year-old documents intentionally destroyed in Franklin County, North Carolina is now nearly two months old. I haven’t blogged about it, but many others have. Click here to read about this travesty at the Stumbling in the Shadows of Giants website. Be sure to read the comments… That’s where it really […]

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Old Allen County, Indiana Records to Go Online

According to an article in the July 13, 2013 edition of the Journal Gazette, Allen County, Indiana records dating from 1816 to 1969 will soon be available for a fee online. On Friday, Allen County commissioners approved an enhanced online search system for the County Recorder’s office. A $58,500 3-year contract with Cott Systems will […]

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Jefferson County, Ohio Courthouse Records Digitized

The following excerpt is from an article in the February 21, 2013 edition of the Herald Star: WINTERSVILLE [Jefferson County, Ohio] – The Ohio Genealogical Society, Jefferson County Chapter, has completed another chapter in its work for digitizing original records obtained from the Jefferson County Courthouse that include common pleas records, naturalizations, criminal records, coroners’ […]

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The Burlington Court Book of West New Jersey 1680-1709

“In 1676, shortly after the English seized the territory from the Dutch, New Jersey was divided into the colonies of East and West Jersey. Under the Duke of York–the original proprietor–East Jersey was settled predominantly by small landowners and entrepreneurs, while West Jersey was settled by Quakers, and was in fact the first Quaker colony […]

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Scottish-American Court Records: 1733-1783

Many early Scottish immigrants were enterprising individuals. In fact, many were engaged in such economic endeavors like the tobacco trade, which prior to the Revolution was controlled by Glasgow-based merchants and their factors. As is always the case, where there are business transactions there are lawsuits. Scottish-American Court Records: 1733-1783 lists North American residents engaged […]

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Niagara County to Move Endangered Public Records at Cost of $125,000

The following excerpt is from a short article published in the October 3, 2012 edition of The Republic: LOCKPORT, N.Y. — Millions of a western New York county’s birth and death records, adoption papers, investigative files and real estate records — some dating back more than 200 years — will be moved into new storage […]

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Pinellas County, Florida Civil/Probate Records Retention Center Opens

The following excerpt is from an article published in the August 13, 2012 edition of CLEARWATER – The Clerk of the Court announced that its records and information management civil/probate records retention center is open to the public as of Monday, August 13. The records retention center is a newly-created area located in the […]

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Delayed & Corrected Birth Records

The following article was written by my good friend, William Dollarhide. Enjoy… Dollarhide’s Genealogy Rule No. 8: When you contact the state vital statistics office in your home state and ask if they are “online,” and they respond, “on what?,” you may have a problem. Sources for learning the names of a person’s parents that […]

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Shelby County, Missouri, Court Records to be Filmed & Digitized

The following excerpt is from a very interesting article about the filming and access to the state of records in the Shelby County, Missouri Circuit Court, posted April 18 at KIRKSVILLE, MO. – A visiting historian’s outrage over not being able to find the court records to a 19th century murder case has inspired […]

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Irish Petty Session Records Now Searchable Online

The following release was sent from Drunk in charge of an ass and cart, tippling in a sheebeen and the disturbance of a divine service: 1.2 million Irish Petty Session Records now searchable online Another 15 million cases are to follow throughout 2012 One of the great untapped resources for researching your family history […]

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Courthouse Romantics are Among Us!

Just last week I reviewed the book Courthouse Research for Family Historians: Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures in the article A Thorough Vetting of Courthouse Research. Thus, I found the timing on the follow article, I saw this week, on courthouse research most interesting: Genealogy Today: My romance with courthouses By Betty Lou Malesky I love […]

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A Thorough Vetting of Courthouse Research

Courthouse Research for Family Historians: Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures by Christine Rose is the step by step handbook every genealogist needs for researching court records. Rose brings her experience in researching at over 500 courthouses to bear in one complete guidebook of instructions. Eventually, every genealogist needs courthouse records. This book will prepare you […]

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DeKalb County, Illinois, Probate Books & Case Files 1843-1922 Being Digitized by FamilySearch

The following excerpt is from an article in the October 17, 2011 edition of the Daily Chronicle. SYCAMORE – Probate books and probate case files from 1843-1922 will soon be available to the community as digital images. The DeKalb County [Illinois] Circuit Clerk’s Office is working with Genealogical FamilySearch of Utah, a nonprofit corporation sponsored […]

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More Civil War and Other Great Records Added at FamilySearch

There have been a number of recent updates at FamilySearch in the past few weeks. Here is the break down of those updates: Civil War Records Texas, Civil War Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 - 28 Sep 2011; 956,501 indexed records United States, Civil War Confederate Applications for Pardons, 1865-1867 – 27 Sep 2011; 79,992 […]

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