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The Humorous Underside of Genealogy

In a recent article titled “The Humorous Side of Genealogy,” I reviewed the book Collecting Dead Relatives. The book, a collection of humorous stories involving real event from years of the authors genealogy research, will touch the funny bone of any family historian. Laverne Galeener-Moore’s stories are so enlivening and were so well received, she […]

Leave a Comment Parody Ads & and a New Ad Campaign (for real!) took a hit on their stock prices today, dropping as much as 11%. I don’t think there was any connection, but the following ad parody is currently being run on the Internet. Warning, the F word with *** is found more than once in the parody… By the way, Duncan/Channon has been hired by […]

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The Comedian Uses Genealogy for the Fun of It

The comedic community often uses their own families to get laughs. I realized that my family history was hilarious years ago. Not being a comedian, I haven’t developed the talent to portray that to others very well, but it’s certainly true. Those of you who know me well most likely realize that I don’t take […]

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“If I Bought a Cemetery, People Would Stop Dying”

The Burlington Liars Club, which began in 1929 as a lighthearted way to honor the creativity and humor of good exaggeration, said it received almost 500 entries this year. … The runners-up include this line from Ellen Everts of New London: “My luck is so bad that if I bought a cemetery, people would stop […]

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Renee’s Utah Census Form

I figure as long as we can make fun of ourselves, and laugh… and then laugh some more… we’re going to be okay. Renee posted the “Utah Census Form” on her blog this evening. I absolutely loved it. It’s been a very high-pressure day, and this was just what I needed. Please – lighten up […]

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Which Way? the Garbage Dump or the Cemetery?

My friend, Jeff Bockman, just sent me a note with a link to the website, complete with Big Corn Island Photos. For those of you who might not know about Big Corn Island, it’s in Nicaragua. Check out the tenth photo down in the center column. Note the unique spelling… Jeff says, “I guess […]

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Fresh Resource Now Posted for Those Dealing in the Dead – Oh, Lay Me Down in Forest Lawn…

Nomis Publications – the folks who brought us the “Yellow Book” of Funeral Homes, has just announced a completely updated and easy-to-use website. I’ve been a Nomis fan since I got my first “Yellow Book” from them (I believe that was 1986). Dollarhide knew about my interest in Nomis, and emailed yesterday with the information […]

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Just One More…

Just One More By Debra Hutsell “Dang it” he said, throwing aside his umpteenth roll of microfilm. Tom rubbed his eyes and aching back. He didn’t have the time to pursue this search, but he didn’t know how to stop. “Who doesn’t know who their grandparents were?” he chided himself. He heard his stomach growl. […]

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What’s in a Name? 10 Cases Where Moniker Maketh the Man

Daniel Finkelstein writes an entertaining column called Comment Central that has absolutely nothing to do with genealogy. However, the man writes a killer column. Last December he did a piece called “What’s in a Name?” that I’m still chuckling about. I doubt many of you read Finkelstein, so I’m now inviting you to check out […]

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Death Certificates in the Mail

From Genealogy Bulletin No. 60 (December 2003), in “Digging up the Undertaker”: Something as simple as obtaining a copy of a death certificate in the mail can be an early reward that will sustain a genealogist for months. It can be very gratifying. Like many genealogists who are regularly expecting a death certificate to come […]

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