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Emigrants in Chains — The Truth be Told

Did your ancestors emigrate to the American colonies? If so, why? Was it their choice? The popular view of colonization suggests the majority of pre-revolutionary settlers came for religious freedom, to own and work one’s own land, to satisfy an adventurous heart, or other seemingly noble and culturally acceptable reasons. Emigrants in Chains, by Peter […]

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The National Parks – Where the Soul of Our Families Are Restored

Update Oct 2, 2009: Patty and I watched the entire series on PBS. We learned a lot, while bringing back numerous memories of our trips to the National Parks scattered around the United States. Thanks, Ken Burns, PBS, et al… Patty and I spent a couple hours this evening watching The National Parks: America’s Best […]

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The WPA in Minnesota

Did your ancestor work for the WPA (Works Progress Administration) during the great depression? Mine certainly did. My own father, Theodore Canfield Meitzler, worked for the WPA in Oregon for at least a short period. I remember hearing him talk about it as a child. With Congress and President-elect Obama seriously considering a massive economic […]

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