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Personal Update from Leland

Blogging the last month has been very light – caused by a heavy schedule on my part. The family had a reunion in Colorado. Then I went to Little Rock, Arkansas for the FGS Conference, checking out the Oklahoma History Center on the way. I then rushed home, did some writing, filled orders, got Saxony […]

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Getting the Story Out There

The following is another short story by Tom Fiske. He claims that it pays to get your family story out in front of folks – and proves just that with the following item. Over and over again, I have found that it pays to get your story out there. In a magazine, on a blog […]

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Don’t Expect the Genealogical Helper to Reemerge

Several months ago I blogged that it looked like The Genealogical Helper was about to be sold. I was even offered a job to work as publisher and editor of the “new” Helper. That offer was contingent on the purchase of the assets of the company. Following that blog, made just after the NGS Conference […]

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Everton’s Genealogical Helper is MOST LIKELY About to be Sold

I can finally post a blog about what’s been going on – and coming up at Everton’s. I’ve been waiting for 3 months to do this… It’s been a long three months. At some point a few months ago (I have no idea of the date), I’ve been told that Everton’s had a loan called, […]

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