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FamilySearch Adds Over 5.8 Million Indexed Records & Images for Australia, Canada, Hungary, Russia, South Africa, & the USA

The following is from FamilySearch has added to its collections more than 5.8 million indexed records and images for Australia, Canada, Hungary, Russia, South Africa, and the United States. Notable collection updates include 2,435,483 indexed records from the Canada Census, 1911 collection; 2,069,202 indexed records from the Australia, Queensland Cemetery Records, 1802–1990 collection; and […]

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Genealogical Research in Nebraska – On Sale for 23% Off Thru March 31, 2015

Whether the final stop or just a temporary host to wagon trains of passing pioneers, Nebraska was another stepping stone in the United States’ ever westward expansion.  Nebraska become a state in 1867. Like other states, Nebraska has a long and unique history all its own. Its people are equally unique and special, especially to […]

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Salt Lake Plaza Hotel Announces New 2015 Research Your Roots #Genealogy Package

The Spring-Summer genealogy research season has begun. If you’re even considering going to Salt Lake City, I’d be making reservations now! I just got new details on the Research Your Roots Package and 2015 Genealogy Rates for the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel. The prices are very affordable, and a good deal – especially when you […]

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A Review of the Washington Memorial Library in Macon, Georgia

The following article by Selma Blackmon is from the March 13, 2015 edition of With my goal of personal research, the Washington Memorial Library deserves more; the genealogical and historical room merits a five star review. The Washington Memorial Library located at 1180 Washington Avenue, Macon, Georgia 31201 provided for me the following amenities… […]

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The Best of Roots & Branches

Roots & Branches is a long running newspaper column focusing on genealogy and family history research. The column written by Pennsylvanian columnist James M. Beidler covers all the standard areas of research like census and land records to more advanced skills like finding an immigrants hometown, name changes, and finding secondary uses for primary sources. […]

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Riverside Cemetery in Maumee, Ohio, Devastated By Huge Chunks of Ice

The Riverside Cemetery, in Maumee, Ohio is being devastated by large chunks of ice that have broken up along the Maumee River in Northern Ohio. The cemetery lies low near the river, and the ice has knocked over Civil War-era monuments, as well as causing all kinds of other damage. Some of the ice blocks […]

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Michigan Death Certificates From 1921 to 1939 Now Available FREE Online – #Genealogy

It was announced today that digitized images of Michigan death certificates from 1921 to 1939 are now freely available online. Digitized certificates for the years 1897 to 1920 were previously available. The index to 1940 through 1952 is said to be available soon. Privacy restrictions keep the actual images for that time period from being […]

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FamilySearch Adds Over 2.2 Million Indexed Records & Images to Australia, Philippines, Slovakia, Ukraine, the USA & Zimbabwe

The following is from FamilySearch: FamilySearch adds more than 2.2 million indexed records and images to Australia, Philippines, Slovakia, Ukraine, the United States, and Zimbabwe. Notable collection updates include the 133,189 indexed records from the Zimbabwe, Death notices, 1904–1976 collection; the 78,244 images from the US, Tennessee, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, 1865–1872 collection; and […]

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The Kentucky Digital Library

The Kentucky Digital Library is made up of thousands of digital documents found at 20 libraries, archives and institutions found in the state. The following institutions contributed (click here to view, and search each collection individually). The number following the institution name is the number of documents available to view. An amazing collection! University of […]

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The Louisiana Digital Media Archives Launches with 1600 Digital Video Clips

The following teaser is from the March 12, 2015 edition of One video at a time, Louisiana Public Broadcasting and the Secretary of State’s Office are preserving the past. Federal marshals escorting Ruby Bridges as she integrated New Orleans public schools; President John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald distributing information on Bourbon Street; […]

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The Florida WPA Church Archives Inventory

In searching the Florida State Archives digital collections found at Florida Memory, I ran across this wonderful collection of church-related documents produced by the WPA. If you have early 19th and 20th century Florida ancestry, these documents will be of interest. The following is from the website: This collection of Works Progress Administration (WPA) church […]

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Indiana Memorials & Sculpture Book on Sale for 65% Off – Just $13.98, Sale Extended

A while back, Family Roots Publishing got a quantity of Remembrance, Faith, and Fancy: Outdoor Public Sculpture in Indiana by Glory-June Greiff. The large hard-bound book is a biographical directory to outdoor art in the state of Indiana. From the first “homegrown” sculptures, three road-markers in Brown County, through a surge of post-civil war memorials […]

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Missouri Death Certificates to Have Social Security Numbers Blacked Out

Missouri is one of only a few states making digitized death certificates available to the public – free of charge. They have to be 50 years old, but just the same… I saw a note posted by Anne Kruszka that the indexing for 1964 is done – so we can be expecting those shortly. However, […]

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Louisiana Names Lists – Published & Online Censuses & Substitutes 1679-2001 – Sale Extended Thru March 19

Louisiana Name Lists – Published and Online Censuses & Substitutes 1679-2001 is now in print and shipping with a FREE immediate PDF download eBook. The Name List book is 99 pages in length and as with his earlier volumes, it’s loaded with information. Sale for 25% off Extended Through Midnight EST Thursday, March 19, 2015 […]

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110 Searchable Oregon State University Yearbooks Available Online

Steve and I are making a quick run down into Oregon tomorrow. Preparing for the trip got me to thinking about the yearbooks found at the Oregon State University website. The following is from the site. The Oregon State University Yearbooks digital collection includes 110 yearbooks published by the students of Oregon State University, beginning […]

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