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The Wampanoag: Genealogical History of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Having become interested in local land records and ownership details, Dr. Jerome (Jay) Segel researched and wrote Owner Unknown: Your guide to Real Estate Treasure Hunting. His desire to produce this book came through his interest and research in uncovering land records related to his home on Martha’s Vineyard. Through this study, Jay developed and […]

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The Schaghen Letter Goes on Display in Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands’ national museum in Amsterdam, put the Schaghen Letter, documenting the purchase of Manhattan from the American Indians, on display Friday. The display also includes the first map of Manhattan, dated 1614. The exhibit commemorates the 400th anniversary of the departure of Henry Hudson in April 1609 on the expedition that would […]

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Our First Native American Ancestors Arrived as Two Migrations

According to new genetic evidence, it seems that the majority of the population of the Americas came into North America 15 to 17 thousand years ago, via Beringia – that being the landmass connecting Siberia and North America during the last ice age. One group migrated down the Pacific coastline, while another came in to […]

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