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Interesting Comments and Observations about the Hitler Surname

In the Yesteryear column of the is found an interesting column made up of comments about the surname Hitler. Following are just a couple as a teaser. Keep in mind that these are just comments, some lacking in veracity. Was Hitler a common family name before 1945? What did Hitlers change their names to […]

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Irving Wants Hitler’s Hair Back

A few days ago I posted a piece about how Hitler’s wife may have had Jewish ancestry. Now we have a follow-up to the story… The following excerpt is from an article posted in the April 13, 2014 edition of When Channel 4 paid David Irving $5,000 to obtain what the controversial historian claimed […]

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Eva Braun May Have Had Jewish Ancestry

The following teaser is from the April 7, 2014 edition of Eva Braun, the wife of Adolf Hitler, may have had Jewish ancestry, according to a new British documentary. “Dead Famous DNA,” which is scheduled to air Wednesday on Britain’s Channel 4, reported that hair samples from a brush believed to have been used […]

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Abt. 15,000 Prints of the American Air Force in Britain during WWII Being Digitized and Posted Online

The following excerpt is from an article by Chris Elliott, posted in the February 24, 2014 edition of A massive online archive telling the story of the American Air Force in Britain during the Second World War is set to be pioneered in Cambridgeshire. It will be hosted by the Imperial War Museum at […]

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The American Battle Monuments Commission Website

Having served in the U.S. Army, I’m always checking to see if any of my former “Battle Buddies” have lost their lives. This has led me to look for the names and records of soldiers lost in other conflicts. The American Battle Monuments website is one of the better sites. Established by Congress in 1923, […]

Leave a Comment New Content: Military Records, Virgin Islands Vaccination Journals, and the 1921 Census of Canada

From the November 1, 2013 posting on the blog New records are piling up like the leaves on my front lawn. Veterans Day has its roots in WWI, and we added several WWI-era databases last week. Georgia was home to more training camps than any other state during World War I; you’ll find more […]

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Google is Mapping Arlington National Cemetery

Google is about to post a walk-through of Arlington National Cemetery. Although some headstones photographed with the walk-through might not be as clear and readable as others, it is said that many will for more legible than those currently posted at the Cemetery website (not bad in itself!), as the photography is being done in […]

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Lost Branch of the Kerry Family Tree Comes to Light

The following teaser is from the October 13 edition of the Boston Globe. This is a tragic and fascinating story. CAMBRIDGE — Over the years, Dr. Joan Wheelis has bumped into John F. Kerry a couple of times at a Cambridge tailor shop they both happen to like. The psychiatrist and the then-US senator from […]

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FamilySearch Adds Over 3.1 Million Indexed Records & Images to Collections from England, New Zealand, Sweden, & the USA

The following data was received from FamilySearch: FamilySearch has recently added more than 3.1 million indexed records and images from England, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United States. Notable collection updates include the 2,669,755 indexed records from the New Zealand, Immigration Passenger Lists, 1855–1973, collection, the 272,611 indexed records from the U.S., Arkansas, First Draft […]

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Remembering Our Veterans: FamilySearch Adds New Indexed Record Collections from WWII, Korean War, & Vietnam War

The following is from FamilySearch August 6, 2013: FamilySearch has recently added more than 43.6 million indexed records and images from BillionGraves, Italy, and the United States. Notable collection updates include the 10 new indexed war records collections, including: the United States, World War II Prisoners of War of the Japanese, 1941-1945, collection, the United […]

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Gilad Japhet’s is Matching Holocaust Descendents with the Holocaust Victims Claims Conference List

Since the defeat of the Third Reich in 1945, Germany has compensated victims of the holocaust to the tune of about 92 billion dollars. A porton of the compensation was earmarked for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. This is a private New York-based organization that works to secure restitution for survivors and […]

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Old Jewish Headstones Unburied at Vienna Cemetery

The following excerpt is from an article posted in the July 10, 2013 edition of Jewish gravestones unearthed at a small cemetery in Vienna were hailed on Wednesday as historically important cultural treasures that could rival the famed Jewish cemetery in Prague. Restoration work at the 16th century Seegasse cemetery has discovered 20 gravestones […]

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The National Archives Collection of WWII Pictures

When I got involved in genealogy, I didn’t give WWII a second thought, let alone consider the time period “history.” I guess that’s just goes to show how long I’ve been digging for dead folks… However, over seven decades have passed since the United States entered the War. I guess WWII is definately history – […]

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New Searchable Collections Added Online For Brazil, China, England, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Spain, & the USA

The following was received from FamilySearch December 28, 2012: FamilySearch added an additional 38.5 million new, free indexed records and images this week to its collection. Notable additions include the 6,095,759 indexed records in the new United States World War II Army Enlistment Records collection, the 4,068,907 indexed records for the new United States Germans […]

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Jewish Greek Headstones From Cemetery Destroyed During the Nazi Occupation Unearthed

The following excerpt is from an AP article published at the December 20, 2012 website of Fox News. THESSALONIKI, Greece – In a find that local Jewish groups have described as highly significant, Greek police said Thursday that hundreds of marble headstones and other fragments from Jewish graves destroyed during the Nazi occupation in World […]

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