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Iranian Research Centre in Hyderabad Proposed for the Preservation of the Persian Language

The following excerpt is from an article posted at the November 8, 2013 edition of Hyderabad [India]: Director of International Research and Educations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Hadi Soleymanpour said that the government of Iran would be pleased to establish an Iranian Research Centre in Hyderabad for the preservation […]

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Iranian/Persian Genealogy & Cultural Resources in the U.S.A.

Do you have or know someone in the United States that has Iranian roots? Despite the current tensions between Iran and the United States, family history spans all cultures and political persuasions. I just ran across an extensive article by Anne Hart dealing with resources for folks with Iranian/Persian ancestry at the website. Ann […]

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Bulldozer Destroys Graves of Political Prisoners in Tehran’s Khavaran Cemetery

January 20 – Iranian authorities have destroyed parts of Tehran’s Khavaran cemetery which contain mass unmarked graves of political prisoners executed in 1988. The son of one of the victims tells Radio Farda: “They cannot annihilate all proof of a political massacre. We – the families of the victims – are its living proof. From […]

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